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Medal of Merit "Comandante Guerrillero Marcos Somarriba"

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In 2002, a new system of Decorations was established in the National Police, made up of Honorary, Anniversary, Years of Service and Academic Medals.
Among the honorary medals are
a. Medalla al Valor "Subcomisionado Juan Ramón Tórrez Espinoza"
b. Medalla al Mérito "Primer Comisionado Christian Munguía Alvarado"
c. Medalla al Servicio Distinguido "Comandante de Regimiento Saúl Álvarez Ramírez"
that seem to replace the previous ones
a) Medalla al Valor "Pedro Aráuz Palacios"
b) Medalla al Mérito "Marcos Somarriba"
c) Medalla al Servicio Distinguido "Comandante de Regimiento Saúl Álvarez Ramírez"
Then this Marcos Somarriba Medal of Merit would be awarded to the Police who have an outstanding participation in police activities related to the maintenance of public order, the security of people and their property, the investigation and clarification of the crime, or that with the outstanding result of their work in administrative, logistical, scientific-technical, financial and service activities, contribute to the modernization, development and strengthening of the institution.
I have read concessions that have been made posthumously.
The medal of merit is awarded in three classes, depending on the hierarchical level held by the decorated person.
a. First Class (Gold plating), will be awarded to general officers and above.
b. Second Class (Silver), will be awarded to junior officers. c.
Third Class (Bronze), will be awarded to officials of the executive rank.
However, when a Police Officer, Junior Officer or Executive Officer, is decorated for the second time with one of these medals, the new Medal will be awarded in the immediately superior class.
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Megan ang Antonio many thanks for your contibutions to the topic.The medal is not mine but my friend offers it to me for a cheap money.It would be interesting for me with a decree on Slovak citizen.I do not know how the medal could occur in Slovakia.Could Slovak policemen get it?

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