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    Chris Boonzaier

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    In October 1938 it is determined that foreigners who, like legionaries, provide or have served in special units not belonging to the Legion, to use the distinctive on the uniform, being able to add a red bar for each year of permanence in Spain, taking part in the campaign, without having the number of events of weapons to what has attended or the
    of wounds suffered:

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    Interesting picture and very useful answer from Antonio.  I am going to past an English translation here of Antonio's link.



    Royal circular order of November 26, 1923, order of May 6, 1938 and order 371/7812/81 of June 3
    Description of the badge
    It will consist of the emblem of the Legion, 55 millimeters high, embroidered in gold, which will be worn on the right side of the chest.
    At the bottom, five millimeters apart and spaced four millimeters apart, as many red bars, two millimeters thick and the width of the emblem, will be added as many full years have remained in said bodies. For every five years, as many red bars will be replaced by one embroidered in gold, five millimeters thick, placed in the place of the first.
    Conditions for use
    1st. One year of permanence and 20 acts of arms.
    2nd. Two years of permanence and 10 acts of weapons.
    3rd. Three years of permanence and five acts of arms.
    4th. Being injured, becoming useless or disabled.
    5th. One year of stay and injured in an armed incident.
    6th. Being injured in two armed incidents.
    7th. Three years of permanence.
    For these purposes, those in which the force that commanded during the action who aspires to the distinction has suffered casualties will be considered as acts of arms (...)
    1.—The insignia of the Legion will be granted by application of any of the previous sections.
    2.—There will be the right to add bars to the insignia of the Legion, regardless of the section for which application they have been granted.
    3.—Notwithstanding the above, the bars whose addition is granted to badges granted by application of section 7 will be, by exception, black, and every five black bars granted must be replaced by a silver one, which may be replaced for those of red and gold if any of the other conditions are met after the granting.
    6 years of permanence
    (sections 1 to 6)
    7 years of permanence
    (6 years sections 1st to 6th + 1 year section 7th)
    12 years of permanence
    (6 years sections 1st to 6th + 6 years section 7th)
    5 years of permanence
    (section 7)


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