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    Questions About An 1870 EK I Reverse

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    Full disclosure here: I’m screening a purchase. If that’s not allowed, then please let me know. 


    I have an opportunity to buy an 1870 EK I through private sale and although the obverse doesn’t scream “inauthentic” to me the reverse pin is giving me some consternation. The seller doesn’t indicate any markings on the reverse and I cannot find pictures of an 1870 EK I with exactly this type of pin, although it does look similar to what Previtera shows on pp. 111 and 113 of his Iron Times (1st ed.). Please note that I’m not trying to claim that the cross below is a Godet or a Wagner (pp. 111 and 113, respectively). 


    I have not been given any dimensions.


    As I still very much consider myself a “babe in the woods” with respect to 1870 EKs, any and all assistance/judgements are welcome.


    Thank you!




    Reverse (seller’s photo):



    1870 EK I Rev.jpg


    Obverse (seller’s photo):


    1870 EK I Obv.jpg

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