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    KM Officer with Silver 'C' Glider Badge AND U-Boat Badge

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    Seems like a really odd combination, and I'm not sure what his role was.  I don't think they launched aircraft from submarines, so I don't think he was a naval aviator, unless he changed assignments.  Or perhaps flying was his "hobby." 


    I'm wondering if it's possible to identify him, since there is (somewhere) a list of Silver C recipients, and I doubt there are many submariners on it.







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    • norwest78 changed the title to KM Officer with Silver 'C' Glider Badge AND U-Boat Badge
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    As i understand it this glider badge is a civil award ? a pre war French association (FIA) but internationally recognised so he may of been awarded before his commission into the navy ??


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    I have seen pics with luftwaffe pilots wearing the "Silber C" on the uniform more than once. of course not at hand when you need an illustration.

    the badge was and is an award from an international organisation but you get it by your national gliding origanisation on behalf. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FAI_Gliding_Commission

    many different qualification badges can be seen on period pics, remember mountain guides with the austrain Heeresbergführer badge instead of the german badge or former czech army soldiers wearing the czech machine gun qualification badge on the wehrmacht uniform.

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