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    H. Hapa Military Medal trying to Locate

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    Hi I work for the indigenous community that Herbert Hapa was from and I am trying to locate his Military Medal, British War Medal, and Victory Medal. They were sold from emedals.com around 2015 ish. We would like to get them back to return to his family and his community. If anyone might have an idea on where we could look that would be greatly appreciated.




    Herbert Hapa military Medals sold.JPG

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    Hi Brent,

    it would be great if you can find them, I don’t think there is a quick route though you may be lucky 🤞


    In the UK there are some kind fellas who try and reunite medals with family, I would guess there is someone doing similar local to you.

    Perhaps first if you haven’t already you could try searching ‘medal-finders’ or similar online generally… or look specifically for such accounts on twitter or Facebook 🤞


    Otherwise I’ve got 2 suggestions, one more optimistic but potentially rewarding than the other…


    1st Suggestion

    Myself, when I search for background on a medal recipient I use the exact details on the medal I have.

    The number,  rank & name,  unit.

    Happily you have all of this and more in the emedals ad. But someone using Google search won’t find the details on an image so don’t be shy, write it all out on here 😊, just use this post, the more you ‘type out’ the more chance the owner of the group might ‘get a hit’, might find this, and get in touch.
    For sure, this is 🤞 and wait…

    but ‘must’ be done.


    2nd suggestion 

    Contact eMedals.

    They surely still know who bought them.

    You’ll need to ‘persuade’ them it’s appropriate to pass on communication from the family.

    “I don’t need the address but please would you consider forwarding a message from the family” 
    You get the gist 👍


    I doubt they would do this as a matter of course.  But… Guaranteed, just like every lover of medals, theoretically they would love to reunite medals with a family that wants them.

    So it must be worth ‘gently’ trying to engage with them.


    Thats all I’ve got !!



    tony 🍻





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    Thank you for all your suggestions, I will definitely try doing all those things, I will add more details on the medals and information that we have. Fingers crossed something comes from it. Appreciate the help!

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    I am looking for Herbert Hapa military medal as well as his British War Medal and Victory Medal, as well as his associated badges as in the first photo.

    Regimental or Service Number: 234520

    Rank: Private

    Served in the 203rd Battalion and the 52nd Infantry Battalion (New Ontario Battalion)


    WWI Group of military medals and badges for Herbert Hapa –

     Military Medal (2345520 Pte H. Hapa. 52/MAN: R.)

    British War Medal (234520 PTE. H. NAPA. 52-CAN.INF.) Name spelled incorrectly as Napa not Hapa.

    Victory Medal (234520 PTE. H. NAPA. 52-CAN.INF.) Name spelled incorrectly as Napa not Hapa.

    Mounted to a suspension with swing bar pinback. Accompanied by a Wound Stripe (two-piece construction, bronze bar marked “(AB) PROV. PAT 7342-17 (No 4)

    52nd Infantry Battalion Cap Badge

    52nd Infantry Battalion Collar Tab Pair

    Two 52nd Infantry Shoulder Titles

    Two CANADA Shoulder Titles

    CEF for Service at the Front (bronze gilt and enamels, numbered “422749” on the reverse, screwback)

    British Empire Service League, Canadian Legion Membership Pin (bronze and enamels, numbered “82385” on reverse)


    Thank you for everyone's help in locating these items for his community and family


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    Hi just wanted to keep things going with any assistance on trying to track down these medals for Pvt. Herbert Hapa. I know that they were sold from emedals.com a number of years ago approximately in 2015. If anyone might have any more suggestions or places for me to continue my search please let me know.



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    Hi Gordon,


    Thank you for replying, I work for Herbert Hapa's community doing work for them, which includes archive work and one thing I took on was to gather some information and background on members from this community who fought in WWI and WWII. I am not a collector, if I am able to find these medals they will be presented back to the family and community for their display.



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