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    Bundesarchiv EK & KvK Award Lists

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    Via Invenio, the Bundesarchiv have started uploading the award lists for the KvK & EK for various divisions (the RH 7 series of files). Some show as being digitised but have yet to be made available for download while others can be downloaded for free while others are not showing at all (but probably will do in time). It is a great resource but will now also benefit fakers as it will give them access to real names, dates of award and units.
    If you're not sure how to navigate to the files just follow the path set out below.


    On Invenio


    (Upper Window)

    Norddeutscher Bund und Deutsches Reich (1867/1871-1945) - Militär - Reichswehr und Wehrmacht 1919 bis 1945/1946 - Spitzenbehörden - RH 7 OKH / Heerespersonalamt


    (Lower window)

    RH 7 OKH/Heerespersonalamt - 6 Orden und Ehrenzeichen - 6.1 Verleihungslisten - 6.1.1 Kriegsverdienstkreuz and 6.1.2 Eisernes Kreuze


    Two scans taken from the EK award lists for 1.Infanterie-Division to give you an idea of the quality (each scan is about 2MB in size).



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