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    Good afternoon!


    I am looking for the entry if J.R. v. MOTZ in the Stammliste of FR 34. According to what I found sofar, he entered the Regiment 16.05.1816 and was pensioned somewhere in 1820.


    As he also served in the nassovian army in the 1808-1814 era, he is mentioned in the Stammliste on IR 87 by Hildebrand as well. However not all of his prussian dates seem to be included in the IR 87 entry.


    As the Stammliste of neither FR 34 or IR 87 are not online and this v. Motz is not mentioned in the online Offiziersnomenklatur, I am hoping to find help here.


    Thanks in advance



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    his entry in the Stammliste of IR 21 is more detailed.


    Just as an aside, one has to be a little careful with the numbering of the early Füsilier regiments. Although Herr von Motz with the then 34. Infanterie-Regiment, this became the 35. Infanterie-Regiment in 1820 and consequently he is listed in the FR 35 Stammliste! He merits just two lines in the IR 87 Stammliste.







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    Posted (edited)

    Ah I see! I had no idea about the numbering of the prussian regiments.


     I am currenty working on an Officers list of the kurhessian Garde Regiment, where v. Motz started his career.


    Thank you very much for the details!



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