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    Nicolaus DANS. Nassau and Austria.

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    Hello everybody,

    Who can help me find out information about Nicolaus DANS (Mainz, december 1, 1786 – Wiesbaden march 15, 1862), Commander of a nassauvian detachment in Russia in 1812, after the convention of Tauroggen, served as captain during the « Befreiungskrieg » in the austrian army. Decorated with the autrian cross 1813 -1814.

    Next, upholsterer at Wiesbaden for the duke Adolph of Nassau.


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    Unfortunately, he does not appear in the Nassau officer lists or in those of the cemeteries.


    Are you sure about the information?


    The Duchy of Nassau only went over to the side of the Allies one year after Tauroggen.

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    Posted (edited)

    Andreas is right.


    This should be him: Denkwürdiger und Nützlicher rheinischer antiquarius - Google Books

    I found a grave with the same surname and profession. That could be his son.

    Since only the typewriten inscription refers to the Nassau military connection and none of the contemporary ones does, I remain sceptical towards its accuracy.


    Dams II.JPG

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    It’s obviously Dams. I made a mistake while copying. I have also doubts about his presence in Nassauvian contigents.

    Thank you both for this research. I Welcome any further information.

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