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    A recent purchase. Rick L and I think the bar belonged to a diplomat in the 30's. Since the Greek medal was established after 1936 the bar would have to be dated after 1936.

    The medals are:

    1. Iron Cross 2nd Class 1914 combattant ribbon

    2. Hindenburg Cross with Swords

    3. Austria: Military Merit Cross with Military Decoration (pre-1938 mounting precendence)

    4. Bulgaria: Civil Merit Order 1st Class in gold (silver gilt) with Crown

    5. Greece: Phoenix Order Knight Cross, Republican Period (est 1936)

    6. Yugoslavia: Order of the Yugoslavia Crown, Knight

    7. Hungary: Order of Merit Cross 3rd Class

    The Imperial awards give almost to clue as to the bars owner. Any suggestions on how to research the bar are appreciated.

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    Hi Paul, a beautiful bar, but I don't think any of the published literature/lists will help you on this one.... Diplomats were not in the ranklists (I believe).... If Rick Research cannot nail this down, I cannot imagine anyone else being able to....

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    Guest Rick Research

    I am still wading through "5,000 K?pfe," which has numbers of such Legationsrat guys but no mentions at all of awards. I'm trying to fit assignments with chronology of awards.

    I am REALLy looking forward to Paul's next visit so I can scan this BEAUTY in glorious sharp detail.


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