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    These are interesting pins, they are thought to be graduation pins for those who

    attended the Staatsschule fur Fuhrertum u.Politik in Egendorf.

    There are 2 types of pin I have seen, one comes as a stick pin and another in pin

    back form. They can be found either with 0.800 or 0.900 silver marks.

    My stickpin:

    IPB Image

    The other in pin back form:

    IPB Image

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    With the help of the internet Monty Backer was able to find more info about

    the history of the school building itself in Egendorf.

    Here is his writeup, unfortunately the forum suffered a crash and the pics

    are temporally MIA ...


    Here's a postcard I found on the net showing the Egendorf School building.

    IPB Image

    I didn't think these pins were faked yet, that's until I saw this one on a shifty US

    dealer site. Very sloppy in its details, not to mention the DIY pin jobbie.

    IPB Image

    If anyone else has more info on these pins please share...

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    Ah... our all time favourite pin. Allow me to add mine which is the 0.900 silver variant.

    IPB Image

    As for the writeup... well, my por writing skills getting so much attention is kind of embarrasing. However, due to the crash the article was pretty messed up. So I decided to take it off the site for the moment. But sooner or later it will be available for download as a PDF document under the link provided above.



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    what makes you believe this was a graduation pin?Do you have any reference for that?I always thought the badge type version was the "member-pin" and as a school sometimes has guest-teachers I thought those were the recipients of the stick-pin,as honory members.This is just what I think and not based on any kind of reference apart the fact that there were definetly guest-teachers out there.

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