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    Russian Uniform Private Museums and collections

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    Did anybody already been to this museum in Moscow : http://www.info4.ru/mus-e-u.html

    I'm going to in Moscow in 3 weeks and I would like to know if it worth to do this visit.

    Somebody also told me that in most of the related military museums, I'll have to resgister in advance, because we need special autorisation sometimes in order to visit these museum. Here are some of the museum I would like to visit. Do you have any idea how can I register to visit those museum? Thanks in advance!

    - The Central Museum of Armed Forces

    - The Central Museum of Federal Security Service (FSB)

    - The Federal Border Guard Museum

    - The Museum of Ministry of Internal Affairs

    - The Central museum of the Grate Patriotic War (WW2 1941-1945)

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    I visited theCentral Museum of Armed Forces and the Central Museum of the Great Patriotic War (WW2 1941-1945) in 1998. They are woth to visit, but when I was there englisch explanation to the exhibit were rare.

    In most cases there were only russian explanation.

    Never found the Central Museum of Federal Security Service (FSB). It was mentioned in the guidedbook

    but I couldn?t find it.

    Also worth to see is the Revolution museum near the Metro Station Majakovskaja. There were some very

    interesting civil awards of the revolution time.

    To get in, just buy a ticket.



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    Hi Soviet,

    When I was in Moscow in ?95 for the 50th anniversary of the GPW, access to most of the museums was limited, at best, in deference to the many visiting dignitaries - yours truly not included.

    While I do not know what your specific interests are, I can highly recommend the air force museum at Monino and the armor museum at Kubinka. Have a great holiday and please give us a full report (lots of pictures) when you return.

    Best wishes,

    Wild Card

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