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    Death of a General....

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    (This is the School Of Dentistry method of story telling, yeeeeegawdz! :banger: )

    Because he pulled the trigger! (Unless you want to go into uber-conspiracy theories and say he was murdered).

    Did he or didn't he, was he or wasn't he? There wasn't any proof one way or the other. Could have been a frame-up.

    And he was married, if secretly.

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    Guest Rick Research


    And upon what portentious occasion was he ceramically memorialized? I detect various Gordon-of-Khartoum-ish era gongs on there.

    WE had a presidential candidate last time whose grampa blew his brains out in a hotel lavatory, which was VERY d?class? since everyone KNOWS that is properly down all over the carpet of one's study.* Shocking parsimony in not having the decency to pay to clean up after oneself. Nouveaux riches....

    Antedeluvian "scandals" are now the stuff of afternoon television boasting shows. :blush:

    * not to mention another Recent President whose great-great-grandfather got away with murder after jury intimidation, whose great-grandfather and great-grandmother were BOTH killed brawling at a carnival, and whose grandfather was shot dead in the street fighting over a desk.


    Reality TV.... puhleeeeeeez.

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    I once attended a Crown Imperial lecture given by Ian Crowe (now sadly deceased) on the subject.

    He was on Kitcheners staff in Boer war there were a number of unfounded allegations of the old rear gunnering but he also had a drink problem and a huge problem with Colonel Plummer and others.

    There was also something adrift in his rather strange marriage but after all these years about 10, I cannot recall the whole lecture.



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    Very interesting and informative thread, thanks to Chris and all!!! :beer:

    Just for my information : are there other sources / books than :

    "Royle, Trevor - Death before dishonour : the true story of Fighting Mac - Edinburgh : Mainstream, c1982 - New York, St Martin's Press, 1982"

    that gives details about the von Mackensen story :speechless: ?

    Thanks again.


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