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I am urgently looking for a detailed high resolution image of a Colonial Cyprus Police Badge. This is on behalf of a charity who are placing a memorial in Northern Cyprus this year to recognise those Police Officers killed during the Cyprus conflict. If anyone can supply a high resolution image (attached is a low resolution image which is not sufficiently detailed) it would be appreciated as this is needed to assist with the cutting of the memorial stone.

Image taken for reference from http://www.hamwichouse.com/


I have been working with IPB to fix the following issues which have recently come to light:

Signatures not aligning properly within posts with images. I have rebuilt the skin and all is now fixed.

Blog images not showing in blog posts. This is still work in progress.

The following error was appearing if an URL was posted in a post or message relating to the gallery:
Fatal error: Call to undefined method skin_gallery_global_23::bbCode() in /home/macmedal/public_html/admin/applications_addon/ips/gallery/extensions/bbcode/gallery.php on line 298
This has now also fixed.

Any further ongoing issues please report them in the software errors and troubleshooting forum.


Updated Chat Room

The Chat room can now be accessed by all members from the Tab marked Chat on the index page. It also can be accessed by the redirect next to the lounge. When people are in the Chat room the tab on the index page will have a red box with a number in it indicating the number of members currently in the Chat Room. Also on the bottom of the index page under members currently online it will show the members who are actually in the Live Chat room so you can see who is chatting and decide if you want to join them.


The Nook. Chat Room

I have just opened a Live Chat Room for all members. Access can be gained from the Tab marked 'Chat' on the Forum index page or from the redirect above the lounge.

There are limits to the amount of members that can use it at one time, but IF that because a regular issue, I can upgrade the licence to resolve that.

The usual rules around posting apply in the Chat room so please keep the conversations appropriate.

Enjoy !


The 2013 Photography Competition is starting. Entries can be submitted from today. The categories have changed from last year to allow for greater flexibility. This is a competition with some great prizes. Show imagination composition and, most importantly look for the different angle or approach to the subject. Where the entry calls for a brief description to accompany the photo make it brief and concise.


Category 1
From your personal collections: For this year we are allowing non-militaria subjects matter but use our GMIC non-militaria forum as a guide to suitable subject matter. Keep to just your militaria collections if you wish.

Category 2
Honour the past: Monuments, graves, memorials to past individual military. This will also cover past wars and skirmishes. We feel that this will combine well with visits to battlefields. An ideal combination of the battle areas and the memorials.

Category 3
Medals and Awards. From your own collection or, ones you have seen on trips or, in museums. Some background information is required on each. A lovely open subject so, use your imagination.

Category 4
Any subject of your choice. military, non-military, homes, families, landmarks, views.

Opens : Midnight (GMT +1 UK time) Tuesday 1st October 2013
Closes: Midnight (GMT UK time) Thursday 31st October 2013

Conditions of Entry

The competition is open to all GMIC members and their immediate family. Enter under the member’s name.

  • All entries should be original and copyright owned by the person entering them.
  • By entering this competition you give to GMIC the licensed right to use your image unconditionally, including editing of the image as it sees fit. The member still retains full ownership of copyright.
  • There is no limit to the number of entries you may submit in each category. However, use your discretion, as flooding categories with multiple entries is unlikely to be viewed favourably
  • Entries must be with-in the category limits as shown
  • No inappropriate images, if in doubt then don't post it !

Judging panel will be Peter Monahan (chair), Megan, Claudius and Spasm (Steve).

Tags & Prefixes

Many of you may have noticed the Tags box (and in some areas a prefix box) on the posting form which has replaced the sub title area. Sub Titles in topics are no longer supported and I therefore have added a Tags and Prefixes module. At the current time I am starting to test this within certain areas of the forum.

For members information this is work in progress and unless there is a requirement to enter pre configured tags or prefixes then please for the moment ignore the boxes as you can't create or input tags or prefixes unless they are pre configured.

For those of you who use the Imperial German Section you may find that you are required to input a prefix or tags. In the case of prefixes there can only be one choice and you should choose the most relevant prefix for the topic being posted. As for tags you can add multiple tags but a minimum of one is required and again these should be keywords which highlight the topic content.

The purpose of tags and prefixes is to categories topics by the use of keywords which then enables you as members to quickly and easily search for other related material which also has the same tags or prefixes. For example in Imperial German Medals, the Prefixes categories the topic into States or Duchies. In the Imperial Uniforms and Equipment forum the tags categories the content further i.e. uniform, helmet, insignia etc. If you then click on a prefix or tag it should automatically sort and list topics with the same prefix this can then be further sorted by clicking on tags.

Any questions just ask.


As part of the ongoing work to upgrade GMIC and a decision take it to a new level, I have incorporated the ability for members to start their own personal blogs. The theme for a blog must be around medals, militaria or general military history. I will be using my blog to regularly update members on any ongoing issues, upgrades or general forum information. More details to follow....


It has come to my attention that an error in the system has affected some members ability to start topics or post in ongoing threads . This has mainly affected joining members (who joined in the last couple of months), as well as some members who have recently upgraded or downgraded their membership.

I am glad to say the issue has been rectified for new joining members, however there may well be a few members that are still being prevented from posting or starting new topics. Without individually logging onto and checking every membership account, I cannot retrospectively apply an easy fix for all members. Therefore I am having to rely on members reporting the issue to me.

Can i ask that all participating members check this functionality and please PM (PM system is not affected by this) or email me if you think you have problems posting. If you identify, you have been affected I can easily and quickly repair your accounts and rectify the situation for you.


I am working hard to fix an issue with the gallery. There still seems to be an ongoing issue with the photo gallery which was caused by the migration to the new server. As a consequence some members have had difficulty posting images for the 2012 Photographic Competition.

I have therefore suspended the gallery while I work on the problem. I apologise for this, as I thought the problem was fixed, but it seems not to have been fully resolved.

The competition will be slightly extended to compensate for this.


I am sure that you have noticed the speed increases if you have been lucky enough to find GMIC online in the last 24 hours. I apologise for some of the downtime, crashes and the gallery not working over the last few days. GMIC has been migrated to its own dedicated server and like all things in the IT world, the transition was not as smooth as I would have liked. It will take a few days for all the errors to be smoothed over and the forum to be fully functioning again, but the speed increase will make all this worth it, as if you are reading this you will have noticed the forum is now flying along compared to the slow chug of before.

Please be patient as errors are not always immediately noticeable, if you do find any errors post them here and I will look into it.


I am currently working on adding a new modification to support the sales section which should make selling militaria and browsing what is for sale a better experience.

A little while back I tested a modification which had a number of issues around its performance, especially with Microsoft Internet Explorer. (Microsoft Internet Explorer is worthy of a entry on its own, the number of issues that this browser since IE7 has caused me over the years I have lost count with). Since that time the modification has been updated significantly. However one area which need more work on is whether to advertise in a single currency and then in the text of the advert specify prices in different currency and specify what currency is preferred payment. I.e. advertise all sales in GBP but in the text show Euro and or Dollar price and preferred method of payment. Th alternative which I am not sure is feasible yet is to advertise all sales in the preferred choice of payment out of Euro GBP or US Dollar.


New Membership Levels

As of Monday 5th March 2012 new levels of membership will be introduced at GMIC.
To make it simpler to understand the new membership categories are listed below:

  • Basic
  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum

All of these membership categories can be achieved without cost and are based on a combination of active participation and time served on GMIC. There is also an option to achieve higher levels of membership on joining or by a reduced level of participation time. This is through voluntary monetary contribution which assists GMIC in remaining a free service open to all.

To understand the different levels of membership please click here

Enamel Membership pins are also now available for purchase. Cost is dependent on membership level but for basic members the cost is £5.99 including (worldwide) postage. To purchase a membership go to Members Store

More Updates

Due to ongoing technical difficulties I have had to upgrade the server significantly so I hope that you have noticed an increase in speed. Any voluntary contributions from taking out a members subscription will be appreciated as I now have a significant monthly cost to keep this ship afloat. I really do not want to have to go down the route of advertising to generate income !

There has also been a change in the way the forum loads and some of you may have noticed that there is a slight pause when loading the index page. But when it loads it should fully load. I am still working on remedying that issue which is being caused by a slow mysql query around Topic Markers, but if I switch them off then it impacts on what topics are marked as read with your individual accounts. Work in progress......


Merry Christmas & New Year


To all our members on behalf of all the GMIC Moderators and Staff I wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Peaceful New Year. Our thoughts as always are with those that are serving overseas, away from their loved one and families. 2014 is due to be an exciting year for GMIC as it is our Ten Year Anniversary. It is also the 100 year commemoration of the outbreak of WWI. So we will be closely following this theme at GMIC with the addition of a special section to mark this important aniversary.


Membership Levels & Images

Membership Levels

I am currently in the process of reviewing all of the membership levels at GMIC and what each level will offer. This includes subscribing membership as well as the incremental membership based on participation in the community. This will include:

  • Changes in image uploads (detailed below)
  • Offering more incentives to subscribing members including an enamel membership badge, and the ability to use images in signatures.
  • Icons to support membership level

Image Uploads

This has been a difficult area to resolve and has caused much angst over the years. Following a recent discussion amongst the moderators over lost images in older topics, where the image has been hosted elsewhere, I have reviewed how we manage uploads.

The simple fact is that images, if not handled correctly can unecessarily take up a lot of server space. Modern digital camera and phones can create image files that are HUGE and if not edited or compressed prior to uploading, a single image can unecessarily take up lots of expensive server space.

I have tried over time to increase the allowance for all membership levels, to make posting images a lot easier to manage. A good image quality on screen can easily be managed well under 200kb. However this method of restriction has always put the onus on the member to edit the image prior to posting. This has ensured that the image fits the criteria for membership and can be uploaded to the GMIC server. I am more than aware of the problems this can cause some members, both in terms of time and lack of IT skills and as an alternative some members find it easier to host their images on their own websites or servers. This is fine in the short term, but over time I have found that links to images are lost and that topics can become almost irrelevant without the image to support it.

I have therefore been looking at other ways to upload images to give incentive to posting on the GMIC server. What I would like to achieve is similar to ebay where a member can upload (within reason) any size file and the software automatically reduces and compresses the image to a more manageable size. This in turn will hopefully induce more members to post images here at GMIC than host them elsewhere.

But this is not as straightforward as it sounds as there are limitations to the software, which I am still working on getting around. After several weeks of trial and error I am nearly there and you may have seen over the last week that images that are uploaded now display at a max of 300 X 300 px thumbnail, click on the image in a post and it will open to its full size. Hopefully this will be resolved by the time I announce the new membership levels next week.

Membership Lapel Pins

This is the preview of the long time coming New GMIC Membership Lapel Pin.

This will be available to all membership levels later this week for purchase. This will be included as part of the subscribing members package for all renewals, further details this week.

The pin itself is a high quality metal and enamel pin, with a butterfly clip to the rear. It measures approx 1" or 25mm in height. Unfortunately the pictures really do not do it justice.

It will be available in limited numbers so get your order in early.


I am glad to say that the server errors of Monday are resolved and that the Gallery is now functioning correctly. I apologise for the inconvenience to those members trying to post images for the competition and I would ask that you repost any that are missing. The competition will close Midnight on Sunday (18th November) US Pacific Time to allow as many members to catch up as possible. Don't forget there are great prizes and a chance for your photo to feature on the 2013 GMIC calendar.


In Memoriam: Rick Lundström

No doubt many of you are aware of the tragic news that Rick (Research) Lundström who only recently was able to rejoin us at GMIC, was killed yesterday,17th September 2013 in a road traffic collision.

Rick had been a member of GMIC since 2005 and proudly passed his 20,000 post mark only last week. It is too early to pay him full honours at a time when many of us are in shock at this tragic news and are mourning the loss of a friend, who is simply irreplaceable in the world of military research and collecting. But I assure you that Rick who has played such a significant part at GMIC will be properly remembered so that his name lives on for future collectors.

I only had the pleasure of meeting Rick once on one fine day in the fall of 2007, when I visited his home and spent an afternoon whiling away the hours talking about military history and viewing the artefacts in his modest and well cherished collection. I made a friend for life that day and although our friendship was internet and letter based in the years that followed, like many of you I mourn the loss of our friend and online companion.

My thoughts at this time are with his elderly mother, family and close friends.


In Memoriam Mervyn Mitton

I am sad to announce that Mervyn Mitton who has been Senior Moderator and friend to many of us on GMIC for several years passed away on Wednesday. He had been ill for many years, but he never let this get in the way of his passion for Militaria and Police Collectables. His knowledge of British Police history and collectables was immense and his death is a tragic loss to GMIC and the wider collecting world. Mervyn was always very proactive on GMIC and a real driving force behind the scenes amongst the staff. I will miss his old world charm, warmth, generosity and guidance. Yes he could be slighlty cantankerous at times, but that was part of his makeup, an old school English Gentleman a dying breed that are irreplaceable. I will miss him.


A long time bone of contention at GMIC has been image upload restrictions. However I am pleased to announce that from today I have introduced a new standard across all membership levels. Basically (dependent on the speed of your internet connection) all membership levels (apart from Basic members) will be able to upload images up to approx 8 to 10MB in size which is massive ! Basic members will be restricted to 2MB which is still a pretty impressive size. Images will be automatically resized, but it should not impact on the quality of the image too dramatically. This in essence means that for most members that they will no longer have to resize or play with images before uploading as the software does it for you, saving you time and hassle.

This may still need some minor tweaking so any problems please report it. I will run this for a few months as a trial to ensure it is not impacting negatively on resources and then review it....



Happy New Year

Wishing all members a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year over the coming holiday period. There are quite a few changes on the horizon for GMIC in 2015, so thank you for continuing to support the forum over the last 12 months and I am looking forward to the coming year.

All the best to you all and your family"s

Nick & all the volunteer staff at GMIC


GMIC 2013 Calendar for Sale

To support the server upgrade and to acknowledge some of the great photos that were submitted in both the 2011 and 2012 photography competitions, I have commissioned a limited edition 2013 GMIC Calendar.

It is a spiral wire bound A4 size wall Calendar. This is a first for GMIC and I hope that many of you support the forum and grab an edition quickly as it is a limited print run.

My thanks to the members that contributed their photos, making this all possible.

I have previewed some of the pages to give you an idea of the content. Price will be £8 for a Calendar plus postage costs which will be dependent on location.

Ordering for the calendar will go live this weekend in the members store and through an updated link which will appear on this page.


From: Blogs

wouldn't posting images in a personal blog undermine the dedicated forum threads

There is a way to promote blogs within forum topics so that if there is relevant information in a blog which might benefit that topic it can be linked. I am working on setting it up. I see the blogs as a more detailed and personalised method of publishing information. Forum topics may be a range of members expressing views over a particular item or point of fact. A blog is an individuals personalised account with the only interaction being members who comment on what has been published. The forum is for ongoing debate and conversation, whereas the blog is very much a one sided affair.

Source: Blogs