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    Croix de l'ordre de Saint-Louis

    Hi Anna_M The Order is OK and very nice I agree that it is the Louis XVI period It was a common practice to use Orders from one period with parts from the next one Sometimes old Crosses were adapted to the new period The existence of different crosses is due to different makers Some crosses are marked for Gold some are not Here are three Orders from LouisXVI , LouisXVIII and the July Monarchy period (Cross adapted by removing the Loius XVIII Model lilies between the arms Best Graf
  2. Hi , I am a new member i collect Orders from Europe including Royal Bulgarian Orders I have two Orders of St. Alexander that I could not find in the existing sources of information One appears to be 4- th Class of the First Model ,Second Type -1886 It is 45 mm wide and very thick - 7mm at midpoint of the arms The problem is that the 4-th Class from this period is 39 mm wide Is it possible this Order to be 3-rd Class with missing princely Crown and converted to 4-th class or..? The other Order -it looks like to be from French Maker It came with French Legion of Honour Officer Ribbon with rosette The cross is 35 mm wide and 4.5 mm thick It appears to be 4-th Class of The second Model 1887 - however it has a crown, which looks like the crowns made by French makers for exported foreign orders. Usually this Class comes without crow. The crown and the cross have the same aging patina. There are not signs indicating that the crown was fitted at later stage. Is this piece once off of kind ( The French maker made it before knowing the shape of the crown fro the next Model) or.........? Note: The Officer Class of the Order of St.Alexander - Boris iii Model is for comparison I am waiting for your opinion
  3. Hi Ilieff, Thanks for the additional information That were my poiints 1, Early Prince Ferdinand period 2. Austrian - all high classes Austrian made Stars has this diamond cut and shape 3. Not 100% whether 1st or 2nd Class The size leans toward 1st Class Also the Luxury type suggests that is more likely made by order by someone or for someone of importance The luck of second ring is not so important. Only could be speculated that the Star could be a second Class and the maker did not have a small luxury size Star for this occasion 4. Because it is not marked, however only from two pictures front and back it can be speculated that could be marks/s somewhere only close inspection can tell us If not marked could be contributed to any of the Austrian makers at that time. 5. Anyway such Stars do not come very often on the market and if new World managed to get it Congrats. Graf
  4. Hi New World, Then Enjoy it Congrats Yes it is typical Austrian type Notice the Swords they are mounted upside down..and the second ring The first Star is typical French Similar sold by JK Militaria Best Graf
  5. Hi New World, I saw this Star on eBay Germany i t was sold for a good price. The body of the Star is Austrian type Typical for the Austrian Orders The size is mystery, because the features are for the 2nd Class because has only single ring around the central part of the medallion However I have seen 1st Class of the early prince Ferdinand Stars with only one ring This Star is not the Standard one and very likely was made by Order, hence the unusual features The other, unlikely option is the central medallion to be attached in a later stage to the body of the Star. This dealer from Austria has sold many rare items, however i have seen few unusual ones as well That does not mean foul play at all Did you buy the Star is so when the Star arrives inspect it carefully, although it looks OK for me
  6. Hi 922F Thank you for the comments The mark is ta eagle head -French mark for Gold I recently missed out on another rare miniature It was sold recently The price went well above what i expected It took me by surprise It is a pity because i have the full size Badge in a box Hi Jovanmara i do not have Facebook account For me Facebook is a spying on its members very badly and i suspended my account Sorry. i will find other way to contact you
  7. Hi Jovanmara, If the those red cross badges are from your collection then Congratulations. The Queen Eleonora badges are very nice -also the 1st Class Star is a very rare and desirable I am still looking for one There is a dealer who has 2 of them however i am not prepared to pay the price he demands -over 3500 US$ Here is my collection of this Order - plus the miniature in Gold (French made) My information is that the 1st Class was given in two separate boxes -One for the Star the other one for the neck cross/badge
  8. My latest addition for the early model red Cross badges with open design The small one on the left with the ribbon
  9. As i said from what i can see from the picture You can see better the details in the central medallion. St George is quite possible and right It is another possible Decoration- the swords could indicate Military Academic Society
  10. Hi Iliev, Very interesting photo Yes, this Order is a very interesting as well It is unknown to me The central medallion resembles, for wht i can see the one of the Madara Horseman However the rest is no close to the design of this Order. apart from the swords of the post 1990 Model Could be an Order of the Ministry of Defense ??!! Yes only collectors of the very modern Bulgarian Orders might help
  11. It is a very sad news The Collector's World lost a significant scholar, author and collector. His work has been used as a main reference by collectors from all around the world - and in my humble opinion will be used many years to come I can add my sincerest condolences to the Pavlov family and friends during this difficult time, Our hearts and prayers are with them. New World you are lucky to have the books signed by Prof. Pavlov Treasure them Graf
  12. Dear members, Till very recently we have enjoyed fake free market..bad news is not any more I just want to alert the Forum that for a quite a while I have noticed some increase of Fake Bulgarian Orders on the Market The most faked one is Order of St Alexander Also faked pieces of high Classes of the Other Ordes have been on the Market, Some single fakes of rare Bulgarian medals as well Be alert Most of them I have noticed are on EBay, however some of them are now surfacing on different dealers sites and also on different Auctions in Europe. The source of some of them is also a Dealer in France, who is offering them to other dealers I am trying to gather some information and at this stage I will not publish any pictures or names not to offend any pesons. My advice at this stage Buyer Be Aware Look for any alterations/modifications, changed parts,new parts ,fake enamel, faked patina, wrong size, bad craftsmanship etc. The most important -the quality is not as good as the original period Decorations Ask questions, ask for more information..if in doubt pass it on Use a common sense and your knowledge and do not jump to any deal because is too good THe Good News is that these fakes are mainly high classess -Bad news is they are expensive for fakes. I am expecting any one who notices any such a piece to alert the Forum We have to try to stop such a practice and protect ourselfs Graf
  13. Hi New World, I agree with you the Star is OK only the swords are questionable Close examination can help however every collector has to make their own mind whether to have such item in their collection Only the awarded person or/and the few later owners of the Star will know the answer Who knows? Original swords are usually attached with a rivet or a nut I also have seen original swords attached in a wrong way Do we have to reject the Star or take it as maker mistake or the swords came off and re-attached wrong way Anyway the Star on eBay Germany has to be looked with a question in mind.
  14. I saw this Star on eBay Germany The seller is claiming that it is Rothe Here is the back of the Star I cannot see clear Rothe marking For me the marking on the pin looks more like "800' for silver Many times the sellers just make a claims to make the item more saleable I am more inclined th think it is German made if there are no any clear makers marking The Star looks OK to me It is not unusual some of the makers to use parts from other Orders or the awarded person requested the Star to be modified. It is very difficult to say whether this was done at a later stage for a better profit, although this is also possibility The patina is the same. As one of the members suggested a very close look with magnification will be very useful The way the swords are attached is very important I have few items in my collection that look odd, however I accepted them because i could not find any signs for a later modifications or/and "upgrades" Here is the back of the Star from eBay Germany and also some of my items One is also St Alex Star It is French type, however the swords were from a German States Order commonly used by Godet I did buy that Star in Germany from a reputable dealer few years ago. The other is French made Knight of St Alex and a third is the mini of the Bravery Order by Godet This seller on eBay Germany is also selling a Commander of the Order of Military Merit The Order is OK with only one problem -the back central medallion is missing and is replaced with a bronze disk with a name This is questionable The Price 200+ Euro suggests that not serious buyers kept away from it Graf
  15. Hi, I do not collect British Uniforms, however recently I bought this nice Scottish Guard Tunic. Can you identify the rank, please. Can you tell me where i can find good informatin regarding the ranks of the Guards -not only Scottish, Regards Graf
  16. Dear Membes, I recently obtained this old Model of the Sweden Order of the Sword. My research indicates that the Model could be around 1800 Period Can you help me to identify the exact period and how rare is this Model Regards Graf
  17. Ni New World, You are correct You presented this Star in Post 133 and we discussed it The same Star offered again on the market Cheers Graf
  18. Hi, One more Suspect on eBay Germany We discussed those Stars in the past The seller from Ukraine claims it is 100% Original Silver 10 mm wide Here is the New Suspect I do not like many of the features at all Your comments Graf
  19. Hi Andy, Thank you for the additional information
  20. Hi New World The Star from posts 202 and 203 is for sale again on eBay as "100% Original' Asking Price 850$
  21. Hi Ilieff, Here is another Award with Bulgarian Crown
  22. Graf

    EK 2 1914 - Maker "G"

    Hi It is nicely worn Godet EK2 It is not very common, however can be found from time to time Here is mine, together with the Godet EK1 marked G on the pin...... plus the Godet with the hooks on the back
  23. I suppose this is the right price for anyone who collects modern Models In 50 years time could be quite collectable.by any standards
  24. Hi New World, What is the asking price? Yes It seems the interest for the new 'revived" Tzar's Awards is very low I personally would not be interested, although i have quite a few Communist Awards One has to draw a line of the scope of his/her collection.
  25. Hi, I have seen this star on Auction not long ago Interesting is that the engraving looks similar to the one on the back of the Military Order Star discussed in Fake Bulgarian Orders -Posts 133-135 It is possible to be inventory numbers, however we only can speculate....or added later on for better profit Similar scenario we have with the German Iron Crosses if engraved they attract better price.Hence the temptation for later engraving