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  1. Hi Camelneck, Both Order of merit and Medal for Merit are founded on 25th of December 1881 by Prince Alexander Battenberg Medal of Merit comes in three Classes 1st Class Gold 2nd Class Silver 3rd Class Bronze Order of Merit comes in two Classes 1st Class Gold 2nd Class Silver Both are associated with the Order of St Alexander Order of Merit is with the laurel and swords II is military decoration and was i given for merit in war time and in piece time The Medal of Merit is more civil Decoration and was given for merit and contributions to the throne. There are few emissions of the Medal for merit Prince Alexander with no crown Prince Ferdinand few models the very first model is without crown, next model is with princely crown and later model with King crown ( the last two models came without crowns as well} King Ferdinand- with crown and without crown King Boris - with crown and without crown There is a model with an error -in the word Bulgarite there is a missing letter, however it is fair common model Regency emission The Monarch image is replaced with a lion with no crown Republican Emission as the Regency Emission plus in addition the crown on top is replaced with laurel The Order for Merit comes with no crown and have the same emissions Prince Alexander Note This emission comes only in Silver Prince Ferdinand King Ferdinand and King Boris There are different models of each emission Both decorations are worn on the breasts suspended on triangular red ribbon as Order of St Alexander or Bravery Order ribbon when given at war time Both decorations do not have any enamel parts This is a very general information but remember Medal of Merit -Three Classes Gold, Silver and Bronze and Order for Merit only Two Classes Gold and Silver No enamel parts I personally do not collect those decorations i have only two Gold Medals of Merit Prince Ferdinand Emission with princely crown and King crown because they are rare and i was lucky to get across them The Gold medals are very rare according to the existing information only 23 men during the 69 years period In my personal opinion their number is higher. The price as you can assume depends on the how rare is the decoration and how old it is Also the condition and the presence of original box and Document My personal advice is not to jump to buy now research the market and compare Ebay is a good site, however look the reputation of the seller Same sellers put a high price, however they accept decent offers Some sellers want to sell quick and put low prices in the begging of the sale Be careful for fakes Compare few times before you buy eMedals is a good site, however he could be expensive Shop Bulgaria is another site to look into and lastly Liverpool Medals { be careful of the murky pictures}
  2. Hi That is a good news Then Consider it as Grand Cross Meanwhile i looked the Cross and has features of a Grand Cross and also the length you gave is typical of a Grand Cross YJust wanted to make sure that is the correct Cross Congrats. Regarding the Collar -there are two of the Big and Small The big one had a cross 55 mm wide while the small Collar had a Cross 51 mm wide
  3. Hi Here is an example of a Grand Cross of the Order of Civil merit The French can call it Hybrid. The body is the 1st type of the Princely Model with hand made back of the oak leaves, while the crown is from the is from the 1908 Model -Tzar or King Type. Prof. Pavlov in his book has mentioned that this Crosses appear as early as 1900 after the Order for Military merit was introduced. I agree with New World on the second point Once the 1st Class with Green enamel was introduced the Grand Cross was introduced as well in 1908 We have to keep it this way for the sake of the simplicity It does not mean tha some could have used in the past both names
  4. Hi, The Order for bravery looks like the one with the lilies The The Order of Leopold Grand Cordon Star -Military Division is a very nice an early model It is typical shape here are pictures of similar Star Also some unusual pictures of French generals wearing Bulgarian Order for Military Merit -not very common Graf
  5. Hi Alpha Draconias, Can you measure the arms of the Cross in a horizontal line for ex. upper poiint of the left to upper point of the right arm I have the feeling that the Cross might be Commander and the size you gave is measured at diagonal then you have 54 mm if is horizontal 50-51 mm it is Commander The decorations are always measured in horizontal line Here are pictures of Commander measured two ways right way -horizontal line 50 mm wrong way diagonal line -54 mm If your cross is 54 mm in horizontal line it is Grand Cross if it is 50 mm it is Commander/2nd Class Cross with missing ribbon loop Both New World and the Ilieff are right Although this Cross officially is a King Ferdinand (if the size is correct) is Grand Cross, however there are reports suggesting that the King Crown was used even before 1908 and it is speculated that this might have happened after the Order for Military Merit was introduced in 1900 (this order never had princely crown as the other Orders) and its crown form was used In my opinion as,Ilieff stated it is difficult to draw a firm line Best Graf
  6. Dear members, Till very recently we have enjoyed fake free market..bad news is not any more I just want to alert the Forum that for a quite a while I have noticed some increase of Fake Bulgarian Orders on the Market The most faked one is Order of St Alexander Also faked pieces of high Classes of the Other Ordes have been on the Market, Some single fakes of rare Bulgarian medals as well Be alert Most of them I have noticed are on EBay, however some of them are now surfacing on different dealers sites and also on different Auctions in Europe. The source of some of them is also a Dealer in France, who is offering them to other dealers I am trying to gather some information and at this stage I will not publish any pictures or names not to offend any pesons. My advice at this stage Buyer Be Aware Look for any alterations/modifications, changed parts,new parts ,fake enamel, faked patina, wrong size, bad craftsmanship etc. The most important -the quality is not as good as the original period Decorations Ask questions, ask for more information..if in doubt pass it on Use a common sense and your knowledge and do not jump to any deal because is too good THe Good News is that these fakes are mainly high classess -Bad news is they are expensive for fakes. I am expecting any one who notices any such a piece to alert the Forum We have to try to stop such a practice and protect ourselfs Graf
  7. I found better picture on the reverse site of the Star with the motto I remember now it was sold on the Hemman Historica a year ago It was stated that it is 1st Class Star - Breite 90 mm. Gewicht 76,2 g. Seltene
  8. Hi Guys, i just discovered that this strange Set of SS Cyril and Methodius was sold or re-sold in 2014 on La Galerie Numismatique Auction I am not sure whether this is another Set or the same Set was re-sold over and over again For the first time we can see some marks on the pin of the Star
  9. Hi 992 F, I am not quite sure that the Kretly Star is a trial It is properly marked for French Silver on the pin plus the Kretly mark plus the proper Kretly Plate, The Quality is typical Kretly Firm. I am not defending it simply because i own this Star Simply I analyze the facts. It is contrary to the unmarked Stars and Crosses sold recently on different Auctions and Dealers Sites BTW The Cross on Liverpool site, discussed in other thread, is sold. Unless there is a Vatican Document stating that the Austrian Firm Mayer was the sole designated maker of this decoration we have to accept that there could be other makers who gives their own Variation Depending od the materials they use The Mayer Star is typical Austrian type I can not remember where i saved the Star with the motto from. However I will try to trace the site. The Set i listed was sold on 259 Kuenker Auction in 2015 The badge is being on sale for a while on La Galerie Numismatique Supposedly it was already "sold' twice on two of theirs previous Auctions ??!! Best Graf
  10. The Set is very rare and nice especially with original box There are few makers -even french ones Here is a Star from Kretly ...plus more pictures of different Stars, Crosses and Breast badge
  11. Hi 922F Thank you for the link It is a very interesting information. Now the question is who was first the egg or the hen i.e. whether the the Setts and the Crosses of the Order of SS Cyril and Methodius with blue enamel existed before the Stars and Crosses of this private society or other way around, someone (could be the French Maker) used the society left over decorations and crated new Model of the Bulgarian order. Graf
  12. Hi 922F,, This is very interesting information. Currently I am following few links to solve the mystery of those Sets and Crosses with blue enamel One of the link I call French Connection There is a rumor (not proved) that they might have been made in Paris, France If this private society copied the Bulgarian Order of SS Cyril and Methodius and it was founded in 1952 It might explain the Origin of the blue enamel Crosses.I do not have any of those Klenau Auction Catalogs If you have any pictures and more visual information it will be great to list them Graf
  13. Hi Carol, I agree with New Word. From the pictures it looks very fine first model 1900 period with "glass enamel" Prince Ferdinand Emission Austrian made They are bronze gilded, therefore no marks could be found on the cross Such Cross in an original box can have a price tag 900-1000$ If you can get it cheaper it will be a good deal Do you have the picture/s of the front of the box.? It should look like that Graf
  14. Hi Guys, Here is a interesting information i would not make nay comments at this stage Opinions are welcomed A prototype/demonstration Cross was sold in 2010 on XV Auction of La Galerie Numiqmatique ORDER OF SAINT CYRIL AND METHODIUS A manufacturer's demonstration badge. Reverse of this very rare order in bronze gilt and one-side enameled, center with enamel painting, dim. 60 x 60 mm. In perfect condition.I Price 200 EURO plus com Graf
  15. Hi Iieff, The medals are much easier to fake No enamel or other special features. The only one needs a very good impression material and casting facilities in the shop or in the back yard The most common faked items are the medals in any country even the cheapest ones - they can be produced in large numbers to make up for the price
  16. Dear Membes, I recently obtained this old Model of the Sweden Order of the Sword. My research indicates that the Model could be around 1800 Period Can you help me to identify the exact period and how rare is this Model Regards Graf
  17. That is a very interesting story and a part of Bulgarian History which was not forgiven. The Box -The stamp on the lid looks to be Rothe
  18. Hi New World I did not stated that is a Fake --just said unless enamel tested The Cross on the Liverpool site is the same as Spink or Norton & Eden I listed it here to discuss its originality. and to try to find out which period it was made and possible maker
  19. Hi, This Cross is different from the Kuenker one The central medallion has the St. brothers painted different and the back ground is not the same plus this dark blue colour of the back medallion. I do not have the latest Prof. book yet. The Set in the Tallin Museum looks like the one sold in France few years ago BTW This Set was sold on the Auction for 5500 EURO plus com. All points towards Spanish made one unless the enamel is tested. as Igor noted the price of this Cross was 2995 GBP and it was just sold by Liverpool Medals This Cross was sold 2 years ago either by Spink or Norton & Eden
  20. Hi I just noticed that a very strange form Grand Cross of the Order of St Kylil and Methodius was sold by a dealer It was claimed to be the King Ferdinand Model. I can not make any conclusions at this stage, however this Cross is a different to any other known till now. It is very simplified central medallion The colour of the reverse medallion is blue ??? It has single sided enamel flames The quality is not as good as the well known Crosses Note 1 Similar was sold on the 173 Kuenker Auction and was claimed to be made by Spanish firm Cejalvo around 1970 This Cross had much better quality)) Note 2 Few years ago a Grand Cross Set with a Similar Cross and a 1st Type Star was sold on Auction in France In my opinion the Star was Good The Set came with a sash Two years ago the Cross was sold on other Auction in Europe No Star No sash Now This Cross surfaced again on its own - No Star No sash I will wait for your comments Graf
  21. The Set is gone from eBay. I hope no one did buy it
  22. HI ilieff, Thank you for the photo.It is splendid It really looks like that this cross was given in rare numbers and only to VIP The 1st Class Decoration of Prince Ferdinand next to the Bravery Order, luxury model with Diamonds, is the first I ever seen so far. Amazing We keep discovering new facts every day. I assume that he got the Bravery Order after he became PM, that suggests that the Braver Order could be a once off special order in very limited numbers by Ferdinand and was given to VIPs till runs out.
  23. Dear members, I would like to start this topic with a nice 1941 3-rd Class Order for Bravery In fact since no 1-st and 2-nd Classes were given during this period this Class is considered to be the "1st Class" I have seen pictures of this Order, from this period, mostly with Bulgarian Officers and more often with King Boris III. I aquired this 3-rd Class recently with a picture of German General. I do not know whether this is his Order, because there is no provenance to suppoti it. However, it is a nice Set anyway. It ia a real photo with a hand written "Stalingrad". Regards Graf
  24. Hi Yankee, I have the answer of your questions regarding the rare 4th Class Orders you started the topic 10 years ago. Both are French made Material Silver very likely maker according to an expert is Firm Kretly Paris here are pictures you can see very clearly the French mark for Silver "boar head"\ On one of your pictures you posted with the other rare model of this $th Class you can see the same mark on exactly the same place- the mark is upside down but is clear "boar head" (Post #13) igor Ostapenko was spot on with his guess that is French made