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  1. Great grouping! Photos are a fantasic extra bonus to it! congrats!!!
  2. Luftwaffe one with rumanian fight medal against comunism. Best Alberto.
  3. Not often seen...Watch Officer Insignia. Best Alberto.
  4. Leutnant,oberleutnant...Watch Officer...
  5. I would like to share a big photo grouping(almost 140photos from same man) and some documents. Heinrich May studied hard in Wassersportschule of Friedrichsort,in Nachrichtenshule Neumunster,in Flensburg,Murwick. He served in Monte Sarmiento,Admiral Scheer,Weichsel... He was in Unterseebootsflottille Weddingen and was a member of the crew in U100 with Schepke in 1940. later on he was Watch Officer and got the rank of oberleutnant. Here you have some photos...
  6. 8 superb photos showing all his career...i like these photo groupings!!! Congrats.
  7. Thanks for yoir kind words,Robin and John.Much appreciated!!!
  8. Only two LW badges in my collection. A NS flak from Brehmer and a LGAB from M.u.K.5. Hope you like them.
  9. More photos of my KM coleection of badges... Here,a blockade from Foerster & Barth,worn...i like it so much!!!
  10. Great photos guys!!! Also very nice the documents from the Orion!!,
  11. Beautiful documents,Eric...nice photo on the marine HJ ausweis.
  12. Thanks for sharing.I didn' know about missiles. about his dead,which indicates the wehrpass shoul be correct or could be wrong?