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  1. WW1 Commemorative piece

    Really impressive! Can you post a photo which shows the scale of these sculptures? Just out of curiosity.
  2. OK, this confuses me.......

    Starting at only £480 ... Sad to to hear about Michael Baldwin, his book Field Grey has a prominent place on my bookshelf.
  3. I'm looking for a Leutnant Linsenbach or something similar. At 15.9.18 he was in the Quievy-Élincourt-Cambrai area. I think he led a minenwerfer kompanie and is most likely linked somehow with the 21.Reserve-Division.
  4. I can use some major help with these ones. This index for photographs are from 7.7.18 to 20.11.18. From the 21. Reserve-Division and most likely the 41. Reserve-Infanterie-Brigade. Some names I identified already. Cantin (on first page), Croisilles, Quentin, Quievy, Valenciennes, La Bourse Brussel.
  5. I'm almost done scanning the whole lot. I think Ill post the whole document soon. I tried to puzzle it out myself but I guess native speakers will figure it out more quickly.
  6. I'm looking for a Hauptman Kienast from above mentioned unit. However I do not know such unit. Photo is possible taken near Bullecourt at 31.7.18. Some potential candidates: (sächs.) Minenwerfer-Kompanie Nr. 253 leichte Minenwerfer-Abteilung 253 and 253b leichte Minenwerfer-Züge 253
  7. Thanks Andy. Does not makes sense thus far. But it's a small piece of the big puzzle so who knows.
  8. True for photo's. I was more pointing out to the cards posted in this topic. The amount of fakes on eBay is just staggering, one of the reasons I'm not buying printed photo's anymore.
  9. Yes but then you still need to age it. All that trouble won't justify 20 or 30 euro, unless they don't want to make a profit
  10. Der Stab 96. R.J.Br. im Granattrichter 29.5.18. The same officers of the first photo in this thread are also on this photo. So we have a Leutnant of RIR 221 who served the 96. RJB staff from at least 15.5.18. to 16.8.18, who was awarded an Hessian Kriegerehrenzeichen. Someone should be able to identify him right?
  11. Latest scan from my collection. Staff of the 96. R.J.Br. taken on 15.5.18. If anybody has additional info please feel free to write it down.
  12. I found it on the axis forum: https://forum.axishistory.com//viewtopic.php?t=193741 Doesn't mention sources tho. On a side note. The 2 von Gottbergs mentioned in that thread are brothers.
  13. Hi Andy, what is your source of that list? I've been looking into him a bit and I came across the following. 1.8.1914 - 1.10.1914 Kdr III./ IR 55 21.9.1914 - 9.11.1914 Fhr IR 16 9.11.(1.10.)1914 - 5.4.1915 Kdr IR 55 27.5.1915 - 7.1.1917 Kdr IR 98 8.2.1917 - 2.8.1917 Kdr RIR 15 2.8.1917 - 1918 Kdt von Norderney 22.6.1918 - 17.8.1918g. Kdr 96. RIB It's pretty close but the dates differ.
  14. Thanks for the info. Not familiar with WW1 medals, see for yourself
  15. I bought an 'EREL' cap for my photography trips. I'm no collector but I can assure those caps are unmistakably reproductions. For instance the label thingy is woven into the cap. So far what I have seen that company is very open to the fact they deal in reproductions. In my opinion their price is fair. Any custom made cap with those materials will also set you back that amount. Before the 'EREL' I tried an 'el cheapo' unbranded version of the same model. The size wasn't correct, the visor was not attached in the middle, the wool was of synthetic quality and the seems were average. It ended up in the garbage bin. So yeah my conclusion is that the 'EREL' caps are reenact quality. Any buyer thinking he bought an original should really scratch behind his own ears in this case.
  16. Mattyboy, I hope you don't mind me making this a collection thread? From my own collection titled; 'Gertrud und ich in kastel'. I wish I knew the soldiers name.
  17. Napoleonic images

    Very nice!
  18. I'm kinda new to WW1 research so I have no idea what an Austrian is doing there. But maybe this deserves it's own topic, apart from the translation bit. So the right soldier could be an Austrian officer from IR59 accompanying the Major?
  19. Yes that's the guy we are looking for. Just did a search on him and this match came up from http://www.rainerregiment.at/joomla/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=106&Itemid=118
  20. Yes sorry. It is '221'. The one is a bit blurry. Any idea who the Major is?
  21. Not the entire photo, but Ill post the bit what is important. I have actually 2 photo's of the same officer group but in complete different setting. Both will be 'published' some time though. The left guy has '22' on his boards. The Oberst in the middle as said before has '55' on his boards. The right guy most likely has a 2 digit number starting with a '5'. So yes. If the captions are correct, he fell the day after the photo's were taken. Thanks so far, already more information that I could hoped for.
  22. Thank you very much! Then this would be Oberst Gottberg. Funny thing is that there's still number 55 on his shoulder boards.