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  1. Thank you for clearing this up for me.. Mine is 73mm too so that means it is fine. Greg.
  2. I recently fulfilled a long term desire and bought an original KCVO (Knight Commander of the Royal Victorian Order) from a reputable dealer in the UK. When it arrived here in Australia, I was surprised at the size of the Star. It was smaller than I had expected. Does anyone else happen to have one or have access to the correct dimensions? One thought has crossed my mind - that I have received a ladies version (DCVO) which could explain the smaller size Star. Pictures I have seen of the Royals show Camilla (GCVO) wearing a narrower riband than the men. Can anyone assist me? Greg.
  3. Value depends. I have seen a few on eBay and they have sold for $80 up to $350. I have seen them listed for $800 and they don't sell. I have no idea what is a reasonable price. Any help guys?? Greg.
  4. no. 36 is the one I meant. The WWII medals and stars sell for about $40 Australian. Greg.
  5. I'd like to buy the Victorian Order medal - last group picture ...b334.png bottom row, third from the end. How much do you want for it? And maybe a couple of others depending on price. Greg.
  6. What medal was he awarded? Greg.
  7. A quick image search on google brought this up - with a colourised photo showing the good doctor wearing many medals. For some reason, this system won't allow me to upload the photo and when I use the direct url of the picture, I get a message saying that I am not allowed to post a picture with "that extention" whatever that means. Maybe someone else can do it. Greg. (Downunder)
  8. The last medal looks too glossy to be not a replica. I agree with the other guys. I know a few Aussies who served a tour or two, left the ADF and went back to Iraq as private security. I'm not sure they would qualify for medals from the ADF for doing private security work but maybe they could get such recognition if they were doing personal protection for high ranking persons such as Iraqi Government officials but you'd think that recognition would come from the Iraqi Government not from the UK - here they wouldn't be allowed to wear such medals with their official ones. Does the UK Embassy in Iraq or Afghanistan etc employ private security? Greg.
  9. Hi Jock I would love to take you up on your generous offer. Are you willing to mail to to Australia? Thanks, Greg.
  10. Perhaps they were worn by his son or other family member who wore them on the right breast and therefore in reverse order - the most important closest to the heart as is one school of thought for people who have State medals and honours which may not be worn with National Honours on the left breast. Just an idea. Greg.
  11. Shouldn't this man have a long service medal? Greg.
  12. Thanks, Paul. But I only have a photo, a first name and some of his medals. The (practically unreadable) name on the medal box appears to be wrong. The Chaplaincy office at the RAF have supplied me with a list of all RAF Chaplains during the war with a first or second name of Charles but that is as far as I can get. None of them match the other info I have. Some mysteries will just have to stay mysteries, I suppose. Greg.
  13. Thank you, kind sir. I had discovered the Air Efficiency Award but it seemed passing strange that it is called an "Efficiency" award with no mention of Long Service or Good Conduct in it's name. Greg.
  14. Can anyone educate me about what medal an RAF officer is entitled to when it comes to long service starting in 1940? What if he was a Chaplain Squadron Leader in the RAF Reserve? Many thanks, Greg.
  15. My understanding is that an MiD emblem earned and issued during a conflict/war is worn on the ribbon of the medal issued for that conflict. In this case, the instructions are correct about the MiD emblem being worn directly on the cloth of the shirt etc after any existing medals because the medal for WWII had not been issued as yet. Once the guy had received his BWM 1939-1945 after the end of the war, the emblem would be worn on the ribbon of the BWM. And on the ribbon as such: