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  1. I never gave the size of the swastika much thought....i.e. assumed it was nothing more than a design/balance consideration. I have however, always been intrigued by the fact that the eagles on the badges of the Kriegsmarine are facing to their right. I am no expert in heraldry, but I believe that right facing attitude is termed "dexter" (as opposed to "sinister" ....to the left). I believe "dexter" points or leads more toward the "honorable" than the sinister. The customs and rules of heraldry are complex, subtle, and like most things, regional variations exist. I certainly have no way of knowing how much consideration to such things was given while designing/approving these badges.....but my hunch is that those responsible were not ignorant of this custom, and it was done with purpose.
  2. Bob, Your stuff, call it what you wish; Nonetheless, you have a superior collection and, I thank you for sharing it! G.
  3. All presented are pleasing, each in their own way... I am a little worried however, about this talk of flogging..... I can't help but remember the quote "....rum, sodomy, and the lash"! G.
  4. One that I have.... G.[attachmentid=20584]
  5. Here you go Steve. Please call me Greg! http://www.wehrmacht-awards.com/forums/sho...ad.php?t=105911