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Glenn J

Every Single 1870 EK Winner's Name and Unit List

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The 1905 was the last "full" year but "Nachtr?ge" were published up to 1913. I am currently pulling all the first names of hundreds of Officers and Military Officials from the 1906 & 1907 Nachtrag.



Hi Glen,

I contacted you a while back about the reference list book for 1870 EK award winners. Was checking if we would be able to obtain the CD. Please advise cost and payment details. Please also confirm permission to list them on our site. If you can email me direct at rsheehy@pacbell.net

Also some info for those interested. There are some individuals from Germany that have put their collection of Death Cards on CD. These number in the many thousands many being EK Award winners. They have been kind enough to let me post the award winners on our site. It will take some time to get them on there but we are plodding on.

One collection is titled Sterbebilder Deautscher Soldaten. They do sell them on ebay.

Hope to hear from you.

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Is the CD still available? Ive got a 1870 godet kette which presumably belonged to an ancestor and would love to research it.

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