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Fritz die Spinne

Forced to sell family owned SS dagger my uncle souvenired

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I'm in a pickle and need to sell the SS dagger my uncle brought home to get back on track with a new car. He was a US 110th Inf Rgt, 28th Div. A sergeant, T4, who drove a jeep. The dagger is a 12th SS Panzer field carried early war nickel fitted Roman numeral "I" marked dagger with straight hanger. Back of blade is blank. I'll include the captured enemy property certificate which has his name a S/N as part of the sale.


What are my best options, or the right place in this forum to do so? My attentions are usually for WWI Bavarian research, not selling something like this. My usual sale outlets are banning the item outright. 

Vielen Dank!





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Hello Fritz

a real shame you have to sell such a wonderful piece of your family’s history.

a really valuable item with great provenance. And looking at the certificate , your uncle brought some other cool stuff home with the dagger !

just make sure you find a collector to sell to rather than a dealer 

i hope you get  the high price it deserves 

Best of luck Fritz


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Hi Fritz 

i also think that’s a special thing to have.

The certificate, as Martin2 says, is special in its own right, having the two together gives your knife provenance and added value......


You say you’re in a pickle..... hang in there, pickles do pass!

For now though, perhaps you don’t need as much dollar as the knife would sell for?

So perhaps you could pawn your knife? Choose a reputable shop...!

Perhaps, pawn the knife but just show them the certificate and keep it for now. That is if their loan offer on the knife would sort you out.

Hopefully, maybe, you’ll be in a position to buy it back but if not, and it does become theirs, then I’m sure they would want that certificate before they sold it on.

If it has to be sold, perhaps it would buy you time to find the right home for it at the price it deserves. you could continue trying to sell it even when pawned.....

Good luck Fritz

Best wishes



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Thank you, gentlemen! I keep getting lowballed on what I was always told in person appears to be a ground Rohm blade. A couple of guys asked me to take it apart to figure out the maker before they would make an offer--not something I would ever do! 

Am trying to resolve this 'pickle' and did consider pawning, but I am in the sticks of middle Connecticut. A pawn shop may not even see 42k selling this.

I have some classic 30's horror film posters, autographs and 1902-1930's Dracula editions in the mix, so hoping those sell and let m keep Uncle Sonny's dagger!

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