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  1. this one has been posted up before(as was the last one!) and i again i got a very close hit! (he was a doctor who had the military MBE s opposed to the civilian MBE) but no luck!
  2. next up is a just post ww1 that is annoying as iv found one guy who is very very close but not quiet! the Nepalese award at the end should mean there isnt to many who could have this award but a look on the London gazette didnt bring up to many hits!!
  3. this next one really really REALLY annoys me!its to a George Cross winner although its been awarded 406 times only of those 161 were awarded (the others were exchanged for other awards!) now after going through the list on wiki i cant find anyone who comes close!again does anyone know any books maybe that would have a list and bio of awardies?
  4. next up is a bar to a maybe high ranking officers bar again it has the legion of merit commander grade, now its the LACK of awards that to me means i should be able to get an ID but again no luck!its been suggested its a brigadier who helped in ww2 say in the D Day landing due t the F&G star!can anyone suggest any new way to get an ID?
  5. i thought id start a new and hopefully interesting thread!as we all know(or should know!!),is that some German ribbon bars can be ID;ed, interestingly British bars can also be ID;d to!however just like with the German ribbon bars you will always get a ribbon bar that fails to be ID;ed despite having a unique combination of awards!so with that in mind i thought i post some from my collection to see if anyone could maybe get an ID and if other people want to post theres please feel free!who know it might throw some interesting results!!! first up is a really nice bar that HAS to be to a high
  6. Heres the full story as it unfolded over at the british medal forum before it hit the media!its sad but youl see more of these for sale as time goes on !
  7. Yeah saw them to!the LG is a bugger to use so it will be in there some here!
  8. 1921 LG entry where he relinquishes his commission in the MGC!cant find the transfer entry though!!! http://www.london-gazette.co.uk/issues/32251/supplements/1968
  9. Its on his medal index card.il post it tomorrow once i get back to my PC!
  10. Also a few entries in the london gazette mainly to do with his rank!
  11. Having trouble posting from my phone but his medal index card states he was in the machine gun corps and entited to a pair only!nice unit to a officer!
  12. turns out its a medal for a dutch horse show from 1895!!big random but there you go!!!
  13. had this for a number of year but havent been able to get an ID! the only other thing i could think is that this is is a Victorian masonic order! can anyone ID it?any help would be great!!!!
  14. Also by the looks of them the british ones look like minitures!
  15. that is a LOVELY bar!but now noor,s seen it your in trouble! iv not seen a as early bar with so many forgin awards on it!
  16. another nice Africa/boar war and ww1 bar!it was missing the 2nd ribbon so i added it to it with a repo ribbon(can be taken off at any time so please excuse the terrible stitching!!!!!) but looks great any way!!
  17. great pictures!love the 1870s one!! heres another of mine with a nice Nepalese order at the end with a nice post war construction!
  18. going forward id recommend getting the coranation rolls!also they would be your best hope of getting a name but it means trawling through the 37 rolls and finding an officer with a dso and bar and that auxillary award!it will be a fair bit of work and you still might not get a name! then after that with the names you get off the rolls youl need to hit the LG and get the officers on that liist who have a MID and LOM! its going to be alot of work!
  19. the back of the sudan and boar war pairs i posted earlier! oh and these are all from my collection to!!!
  20. this one is interesting for the fact that its a post 69 efficiency decoration but has a sterling silver backing witch iv not seen before but it really high quality!
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