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  1. would there be a possibliatly of IDing him?2 MIDs 2 orders and he was in the 8th army!has to narrow it down some what!
  2. about the medals funny thing happened when i was looking at his service records, i thought that to save time they had put another mans service records half way down his service records but after looking really close it turns out that the man before owen had such a long service (1915 right through to 45) that thy needed to use his records as he (owen) was discharged in 21 so all his medals entries are they!!!!makes MUCH more sense and gives a much better view of his records!!!! :beer:
  3. really?totaly missed that!il go take a look so!thanks for that!:)
  4. how did you find out he got his medal in 1930?cant seem to find his reserve records do the national archive hold it under the fleet reserve section?dont mind even if is just a list of call ups as any paper work is great! thanks for the help with when he got his medal!:)
  5. nice info and typical noor lucking out on a medal like that!!id expect nothing less!!!!!! :beer:
  6. actualy what is the silver contain of british and candian medal??is it pretty pure or not that pure!and ulsterman that must have been sickening hearing that!!
  7. i got his record there for his ww1 service and he was HMS Malaya at the battle jutland and he was a gunner so that was cool to find out!havent been able to find his R.F.R service though! can they be got at the national archive? your hood group sounds great!look forward to seeing it!
  8. but if silver was to rise to say 60-100 dollars and BWMs can be got for 20 or 30 euros/sterling then i can see them being melted for there scrap value!!!it could easily happen as silver is looking like it is going higher!!!
  9. just a thought!the price of silver is starting to shoot up and up!anyone reckon that if it goes up higher that British war medals etc might be in danger of getting melted down for there silver scrap value???!!!!i know in the late 70s that this did happen!!! be a shame if it does start to happen!!what are all your thoughts???
  10. oops i posted in the wrong forum could a mod move it to the new long service section!thanks!
  11. picked up a nice royal fleet reserve medal and after checking the national archives for more then 2 hours with every combination i could think of i just cant find anything close to his name and or rank! haven't tried ancestry but then dont think they do this type of service papers! could any one help in trying to trace him down!iv no problem paying for his service record if i just could find it!!!!!the name on the medal is R.M.A14577(PO.B.41642)W.OWEN.MNE. R.F.R also not sure which number i use as his service number but i tried both and no luck!!!any help anyone could give me would be great!!! thanks!! :beer:
  12. oh its the replacements for sure!!! but thats a real shame the 14 star is missing! so that means if im right he probably was at mons or there abouts? heres the naming on the medals!! :beer:
  13. got this off ebay there a few days ago, put in my max and it came in under so all good! when i had a look at his MIC card i saw that he was in 3 different units including the machine gun corp so seems i he might have had a interesting career and its cool to see when his medals were replaced but iv one or two questions about his MIC,is he only in-titled to one clasp? what do highlighted lines mean?just that its the sole clasp?any help would be great!!!
  14. ooohhh really how much it worth? as much as the seller thinks those ribbons are worth!!! :P
  15. was flicking through ebay and saw these!are they REALLY worth THAT much??me thinks not!!!! http://cgi.ebay.com/Four-Rare-Original-British-WW-Ribbons-Mint-/310305824287?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item483fab1e1f
  16. thought taking a pic of this in the imperial war museum in london would come in handy!!! if your looking for tons o claps!!!! (not sure if there all to the same person mind!!!)
  17. could be but i found out on the british awards and decorations form he was discharged a sergeant in 1922!!would it be normal thats again!! for the that to happen with a rank like that?
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