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  1. I have four of those * marked TWMs in my collection and yours is as good as them. A very nice grouping if they were all together from the beginning. Regards, Tan
  2. Hello Eric, Thank you for the nice words, can't wait to see your contribution! Tan
  3. As promised a long time ago, the mini chain collection with the new additions.
  4. My new German non-combatant medic ribbon bar would be most suitable for this thread.
  5. Searching for Grenadier Adalbert Spiess Ober- Etappen- Inspektion Heeresgruppe F.
  6. Does anyone has any info on Inspektion Heeresgruppe F. ?
  7. Thank you so much for the additional info, I will try to put together a full list of individual units that served between 1914-1918.
  8. Thank you for this detailed list, it helps a lot. Do you have any info on the Militar Mission before the outbreak of war? Tan
  9. You are right Dave, surely there gotta be more units especially the Pasha II was a grand scale war aid mission, thank you for your addition Kriegslazarettabteilung Nr, 300
  10. Alex, thank you so much, I believe your list would be complete with Ferns.abt 1701 ?
  11. Hello Odulf Thank you for your reply, but I am trying to narrow my research down to individual unit names. I have never seen anyone that had put them together.
  12. Hello all Does anyone has a full list of German units who were station around the Ottoman Empire between 1915-1918 ? Tan I have some documents from these units: Fliegerabteilung 301 (The Desert Campaign) Fernsprechabteilung 1701 Militar Mission Konstantinopel (not sure if this could be classified as a different unit or a general name for every unit stationed in Turkey at that time)
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