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  1. Hi, Could someone please tell if the 1919 service record entries: 1.Ostpr. Jager-Btl and Marinesturmkompanie in der 2. Garde Res.Division are Freikorps units? The soldier was awarded a Baltic cross (1919 Kurland). Thank you, Robert
  2. Both versions of the Baltic Cross (breast pin and from a white ribbon) are shown here and are probably from the same manufacturer!!!! Robert
  3. Colin, Thank you very much for the link. Here is von Holwede's autograph; Cheers, _______ Robert
  4. Colin, I was doing some research on Holwede and I stumbled on this web site;http://www.lot-tissimo.com/de/cmd/d/o/222.21001-462/auk/21/, it seems that Himmler forced him to retire from the Wehrmacht. "20. Juli 1944". Nachlass des General Wolfgang von Holwede. Silberner Erinnerungsbecher des Offiziers-Corps des III. Bataillons 7./(Preuss.) Infanterie-Regiment an den Hptm. v. Holwede 1921 - 1927 mit schauseitiger Widmungsgravur und Chiffre des ehemaligen Grenadier-Regiments K?nig Friedrich III. (2.Schlesisches) Nr.11 Breslau. Im Boden Hersteller- und Silberpunze, Gewicht 227 g, H. 14 cm; Sil
  5. Colin, Generalmajor Wolfgang von Holwede was dicharged from the Wehrmacht in Dec. 1944 and Generalmajor Norbert Holm was arrested and degraded in Oct. 1944. Do you know if they were both related to the July 20th plot? Thank you, ________ Robert
  6. @ Bernhard, Thank you for the nice comments and your notes on E. Koopmann. @ Ulsterman, This picture of Erwin K. at the cemetery means a lot to me, it emcompasses the whole relation between the two brothers and their bonding beyond death... I can feel his deep sadness. Regards, ___________ Robert
  7. Lost comrades These images reside untouched in the back of my mind; My comrades, laid to rest in foreign soil, Baptized by blood and tears of sorrow, Never to return to their unpredicted, unfinished lives. They sacrificed themselves willingly, Unable to see their family and loved ones, They bravely marched through the dark gate, Never to return as mere mortals, but as wandering souls. Onward through the mists of time, They will struggle to perceive the light Of the candles softly flickering in the darkness, As they are forgotten, seeping into the earth, Never to hear, see, and feel again.
  8. Thank you Chris, A victory with the help of quite a few people and incredible good fortune. I won?t use the word luck, because I always felt that there was a ?presence? guiding me?. Cheers, _______ Robert
  9. A meaningful coincidence I have recently experienced synchronicity to the utmost heightened level; my experience has rendered me almost speechless.Here's a meaningful coincidence that I'd like to bring to the sharing table: The first two photographs that Filip Debergh had sent me did not illustrate a stone wall near Hermann?s grave site and could not be compared with the grouping?s original picture that showed a wooden cross decorated with flowers. I then asked Filip if he would be kind enough to take one more photo while facing the nearest surrounding wall, he replied that I would get it wit
  10. The Soldatenfriedhof monumental entrance building is constructed with red Weser sandstone and can only be described as cold and dreary. Behind the fretwork screens of a cast iron gate is a chapel memorializing the students and some of the reservists slain here in 1914. The official register notes that there are 6,313 names on the Oakwood panels of that sombre room. If you look around in the dark chapel you will ultimately find Hermann?s name ? another small trace of him...
  11. Resurrection Filip Debergh, an author and renowned World War 1 tour guide from Belgium, has kindly provided me with several wonderful photographs depicting Hermann?s burial site. He contacted me after reading the article on Chris Boonzaier?s superb web site. The total number of German soldiers who died in Flanders during the Great War has never been confirmed, the bodies of 126,168 known soldiers are buried in the four main collecting cemeteries of Langemarck, Vladslo, Hooglede and Menen. Of these, about 120,000 were killed within the province of Flanders, however many others just disappear
  12. An article? I was thinking about an encyclopedia.... Amazing thread!!! _________ Robert
  13. Absolutely astonishing thread and collection... Your research should be published and escape the boundaries of a discussion forum. Regards, _________ Robert
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