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  1. Although Common, I thought these three medals may be of interest as they are to 3 Merchant Seamen brothers from Rotterdam, there were 6 Brothers in all 2 were taken to Labour Camps and one who was much older remained in Rotterdam. Adrianus married an English woman and remained in UK, Johann returned to Holland and was re-joined by his wife who had survived a Concentration Camp and the youngest Lodewike married an English woman and lived in Durban, South Africa.
  2. Hi Rod and Dave, I think we are getting mixed up with Left and Right as seen in photo, referring to L&R as you look at picture does not convey the correct order of wearing. Official awards ie Government etc are worn on the left breast and unofficial awards on the right breast. Best Peter
  3. Thanks yet again Alex. Craig, I don't really know if it's a rarity but imagine there will not be too many about. Peter
  4. Can anyone assist with information as to whether there was/is an "O" Division in metropolitan Police circa 1910ish. Thanks. Peter
  5. Hi 1314, Just had occasion to consult the June 1956 copy of Palestine Police News Letter and thought the entries on the HKP and N & S Rhodesia may be of interest to you. Just a note ; the Violet Graham mentioned was the only Female member of the British PP ( would like to obtain her General Service Medal ! ) There were Arab and Jewish women in Auxiliary units for searching etc. Hope of use and interest. Best Peter
  6. The Oak and Acorn are linked to the County of Cheshire and in particular the Cheshire Regiment (As was).
  7. Thanks Gentlemen, I am looking out for a nice copy MM to enhance the group. The MM was awarded to Tom as a Despatch Driver who on taking a message to his comrades,( who were just about holding off a strong German advance of infantry and many Tanks) realised they had little ammunition and so he returned to HQ and enveloped himself and his motorbike in small arms ammunition on belts and boxes of Grenades, he then rode across the path of the advancing German Tanks and was made a personal target by them and was nearly killed on several occasions. He survived to repeat this feat of outstanding Gallantry. Have had a little difficulty in access to FMP blog but will persist, in the meantime have found several items in public domain on Web with regard to Tom and the TV series Who do you think you are. Thanks again for information. Best Peter
  8. I do not collect or have an interest in the Malaya Police but a few years ago I acquired A GSM bar Malaya with condolence slip to a Police Lt in the Federation of Malaya Police. Research has uncovered an extraordinary tale. I have listed an abridged version : -- Tom Darling was a Scot born about 1915/16, he joined the Cameron Highlanders circa 1933. During World War II and the retreat at Dunkirk he won a Military Medal for a prolonged and outstanding feat of Gallantry in the face of overwhelming enemy infantry and Tanks ( Which in my humble Opinion merited at the very least a DCM) He was later shipped to Burma with his Battalion and witnessed some very heavy hand to hand fighting. After WW2 he returned to the UK where he joined the Palestine Police but as the Mandate was ending it is doubtful if he ever got to the Holyland but he later appeared as a Police Lieutenant in the Federation of Malaya Police at Cha'ah, he was only in Malaya a very short time before he suffered a gunshot wound to the head and died on 21:6:51, he is buried in Kranji Cemetery, Singapore. During his short time in Malaya he must have made a profound impression as a Park and several Streets are named after him. Peter
  9. Hi Graham, I have a great interest in the Palestine Police, you will know that after the end of the British Mandate in 1948 the PP men spread far and wide. I have a full set of the PP newsletters 1949 to present and found mention of the HKP in issue three and thought you may be interested in those named therein. Best Peter
  10. Have now dug helmet out of packing, please forgive quality of photo (stats) I do not have facility to (photograph) Regards Peter
  11. I chanced upon this thread by accident but on seeing the photo I realised that I had stored away a helmet exactly the same as the one pictured( Even down to the missing spike) and in immaculate condition. It has been in the Family for many years in Holland and is possibly Family( Delius of Bielefeld, Germany) but we do not know the History. As stated it is immaculate. It has a soft leather inner with green cloth insert which separates to give access to spike.It has a brass fitting down the back of helmet. The roundel on Right side is black and on the left is black but the inner circle is red. The badge is unmarked and not worn or tarnished in anyway. The spike apparently was thrown into a canal in Holland by a female relative who did not want the children to fall on it !!! I would be grateful for any information on it and a likely place where I could obtain a replacement screw in spike. Peter
  12. For anyone who collects to the HKP/RHKP. I have just noticed on Norman Colletts List ( of todays date) an item which may be of interest. Item 4980. OBE, 39-45 star, Pacific Star, Defence, War, GSM Bar Malaya (Renamed) Colonial Police medal for Merit (A/Supt), Malaya Most Exhalted Order of Realm 2nd Class and the Pingat Peringatan medal. To C.A.A. Nicol Assistant Commisioner HKP
  13. Thanks Graham, just for information I have been supplied with the following details by a fellow Collector : - Cpl 16809 James Foggo Pte 16813 Harry Foggo Pte 16814 Thomas Foggo All served 18th Battalion of Liverpool (Pals) Regiment. All listed their Father Thomas Foggo Snr at 21 Penrhyn Avenue, Litherland as next of kin. Harry Foggo is Gazetted with the MM on 14th May 1919 with 4th Battalion. Thomas Foggo is Gazetted with MM on 13th March 1919 with 6th Battalion.
  14. Re Andrews I have been informed that Edward Andrews joined 23:02:1886 and was posted to "N" Division where he was still serving when he died on the 03:09:1887.
  15. We have all been told stories by dealers/vendors of the provenance of items, "it was taken off a dead German" "I got it from a Dead Gerry in Hitlers Bunker" "I have got Guy Gibsons 39-45 star" Etc Etc . Most collectors take these tales with a pinch of salt. Although I have a 2nd Class Iron Cross taken at Liverpool from a survivor of Bismark but that's another (Un-provable) story. In 1966 I was working in Liverpool City Centre and it was my habit to call into a Sweet and tobacconist shop, I got to know the owner, Harry Foggo, quite well and mentioned that I dabbled in collecting Badges/Medals. He then informed me that on the outbreak of WW1 he had answered a call by Lord Derby and joined the Liverpool Pals together with his two brothers, being in the first batch of volunteers they had been issued with a silver cap badge consisting of Lord Derby's coat of arms (Eagle and child) Later a bronze badge was issued. Harry was posted to the 17th (Pals)Battalion of the Liverpool Regiment. He brought the badge in to show me but he also brought a version of the bronze badge, Harry told me the following tale. They had been in a particularly fierce fight and a fellow soldier complained that he had lost his silver badge, Harry was just glad to be alive and was not too bothered about his mates lost badge. A short time later a burial party was organised and Harry was delegated to join it. He said that upon wrapping a body in a blanket he saw the poor victims hat had been thrown in to the shallow grave and sported a Liverpool Pals badge albeit a bronze one. He took the badge for his Chum and, the burials complete, made his way back to his mates only to be informed that a sniper had claimed his badge-less Chum. Harry also told me that due to his battalion being decimated he was posted to the 4th Battalion with whom he had won a Military Medal for volunteering to swim a river behind German lines and take note of strengths. He also stated that his brother Thomas had won an MM with another Battalion. I cheekily asked Harry for the Badges and without hesitation he gave me the bronze badge but unsurprisingly he retained the Silver badge. Many years later whilst at an Antiques fair a long way from Liverpool I noticed a single 14-15 star partially hidden under a carriage clock where it was assisting to support the said clock which was missing a foot, I examined it and was overjoyed to see it was named to my old Chum Harry. I enquired the price which was £1.50 and having listed to the dealer bemoaning the fact he would have to put the 50p piece under the clock, I left with my precious purchase. I have no doubt that Harry spoke the truth about the manner in which he had obtained the badge but like lots of other items it cannot be attributed. I do not collect non Police items but even so I would not part with the Star or Badge for a Kings Ransom as I can see Harry now in my minds eye behind his counter modestly telling tales of life in the trenches. How I wish I had made notes. Peter
  16. Many Thanks Odin mk3, I am indebted to you for all your assistance, as a novice to Met.Police Medal collecting I am thankful for all the help you have given me. Regards Peter
  17. Can a member assist with information on the below named officers : - 1887 Jubilee medals to - PC J. Barnes "P" Division PC E. Andrews "N" Division 1897 Jubilee to - PC C. Cox "V" Division I would be most obliged for any information at all. Thanks Peter
  18. Hi Alex, Thanks for that, I will indeed visit when down that way. Re Christie, many years ago I was informed by a dealer (Long Dead) that he had owned the group and sold it on before realising its significance. If true it is out there, probably the owner unaware of its story.
  19. Thanks Alex and Dave, Alas I do not have the Commend certificate to George, that would have been nice but not to be, Yet ! I carry a mental list of names to all the medal fairs Etc that I attend and have had some success, George White's pair being one. As I said I do not have an interest in the insignia/Medals of the Special Constabulary but One group I am assured is out there would be of interest to you Alex and may turn up one day and that is the First World War Pair (to the R.A.) Defence Medal and Special Constabulary Faithful Service medal to J.R.H.Christie. I am sure he needs no introduction.
  20. Special Constabulary medals are notoriously difficult to research unless you have a Force or the recipient has an unusual name. I do not have an interest in the Special Constabulary but when the pair to Special Constable George White came on the market I made it my business to obtain them as I was aware of the story behind them. At ten minutes past six on the evening of 20th July, 1965, a Caledonian Airliner took off from Speke Airport ( now the John Lennon Airport) and almost immediately crashed into the Mothack Chemical Plant near Woodend Avenue and Speke Boulevard, Liverpool. Two female factory workers were killed as were the Pilot and Co-Pilot. The Police and Fire Service were quickly on the scene and commenced to search for survivors. It was soon realised that there were fatalities and a call went out for assistance. Amongst those responding was Special Constable George White from "A" Division, the senior officer present was informed that George was an undertaker by calling, the officer informed George that the scene was harrowing and asked if he would assist in the recovery of those killed, George volunteered and then worked throughout the night recovering and dealing with the victims. For his actions George was Commended by the Chief Constable and soon after promoted to Special Sergeant. I am sure there are many such stories and also acts of bravery behind the Special Constabulary medals we see for sale every day but they remain untold because the recipient has a common name or threw the box of issue away.
  21. Thanks for the information. I have found that John was born in Morcott, Rutlandshire c.1847. In 1891 he was resident in Middlesex. Thanks Again, Regards. Peter
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