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  1. All kitted out, have decided to put a US "sam brown" as he spent most of the war in the US
  2. Hi, can this helmet be identified, thank, Paul
  3. Can anyone identify this ribbon, 82nd Division AEF 1917-18, thanks, Paul
  4. Infanterie-Regiment Markgraf Carl (7. Brandenburgisches) Nr. 60 hope you like it
  5. Love to find a photo of Hauptmann d Landwehr Oscar Karl Wilhelm Gunther FAR 80 awarded for Cambrai 1918 or further details
  6. Another brave Gefreiter (Ober) this time with 2. Oberrheinische Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 99 and later in 1918, Mecklenburgisches Jäger-Bataillon Nr. 14, in 1924 he was serving with Reichswehr Infantry Regiments 6 I would assume with 14th Company which was formed from Grand Ducal Mecklenburg Jager Battalion No. 14, as ever welcome your thoughts, cheers, Paul
  7. Here is a small group, welcome your thoughts, also any help with signatures and which (if correct) unit he won the EK1 with, as ever many thanks, Paul
  8. Going through some passes I have found this....underlined....RIR 213 was with 89 infantry brigade which was part of 207 division, 5th Army...would he have been part of Sturmbattalion 5 ?
  9. I think we have a wound badge but is the red writing an award? cheers, Paul
  10. While the excepted dates of WW1 have been either based on the armistice 1914-18 or the Allied victory medal 1914-19, what is the German view...did the war officially end in the east with the treaty of Brest-Litovsk or were these actions decreed an extension of WW1?
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