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  1. Hi Uwe & Gunnar, Thank you very much for your answers Regards, Matt.
  2. Dear all, Can anyone help with the second group of photos? I think that the last name (Kommandeur der Flieger 2) is Seraphim, but what about the others? And who's signature is against photo number 6 from the first grouping? Thanks a lot, Matt.
  3. Thanks Gunnar. I have a few more - please see attached. Thanks & regards, Matt.
  4. Hi, I was wondering if anyone could decipher the signatures on these documents? Thanks in advance, Matt.
  5. Hi, Does the Saxon Albert Order award roll show which Flieger-Abteilung he was serving in? Thanks, Matt.
  6. Hi Gunnar, Thanks for your reply. So there are two men named Liesner that were both promoted to Hptm ! Maybe they were related ?
  7. Hi Gunnar, I have a question. Do you know what aviation unit he commanded, and when? Thanks, Matt.
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