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  1. Hi Alex and Dave, Thanks for your replies - it gives me something to work with. It looks like the guy in the front row, second from the right (arms crossed and looking away from the camera) is not a Prussian as the lower button on his feldmutze is not white and black....
  2. Hi Alex, If you could furnish me with the names of the eight observers that Dave mentioned I might be able to disqualify some of them. As Dave stated, it wouldn't exclude the people that may have joined the Fliegertruppe AFTER winning the medal, but it's a step in the right direction... Thanks, Matt.
  3. Hi Dave, Thanks for your reply. Does your source give the dates of the award? If you could provide me with the names of the recipients and their units (if provided) that would be great.
  4. Hello all, I saw this on ebay a little while ago, and since then have been trying to find out more about the date and place that the picture was taken, as well as the names of the officers in the photo (please ignore the date on the image - I have a feeling that the real date is somewhere around 1915-1916). I posted this picture on another forum, and a keen-eyed member stated that the guy leaning over at the back of the group appears to wearing the Lippe-Detmold War Cross for Heroic Deeds (I think that this is abbreviated to LKEK ?). If this is the case, does anyone know whether a roll exists that gives the names of individuals that were awarded this rare decoration? Perhaps an expert on here can find his name from the medal he is wearing? Thanks & best regards, Matt.
  5. Hi all, Glenn has found me out, so I have to come clean. I saw the item on ebay and wanted to check with you guys if the awards matched the name. For some reason I cannot put the hyperlink on this reply, but you can go to ebay.de and type 'Hammer Portrait 1.WK' if you want to see the photo in more detail.
  6. Hi all, Saw this photo online and thought I would share it. Can anyone identify the awards and/or the name of this man? I'm not very good at medals / uniforms etc. Thanks & regards, Matt.
  7. Dear all, I'm also having a problem with this signature from Kofl 8. Can anyone make out the name please? Thanks, Matt.
  8. Hi Gunnar, Thanks for the added info. I thought I'd ask because I saw a document from AFP 8 (attached), signed by a Hauptmann a.D. But this was the only one that I have seen which was not signed by an active officer, or a d.R. Unfortunately I can't make out the name of this Hauptmann a.D. Best regards, Matt.
  9. Hi Glenn & Gunnar, Great info. I had no idea that his connection with the air-force went back so far. Was his date of promotion to Hauptmann the same as the date of his retirement? He may have been assigned to the command of an Armee-Flugpark or a Flieger-Ersatz-Abteilung after leaving AFA 214. I wonder if there was any stipulation about the maximum age of a FFA leader during the war....? Thanks for bringing this interesting character back to life. Matt.
  10. Hi all, I was wondering if anyone has any info. about this man (DOB, service record, promotion dates etc.). All I know is that he was the (first?) commander of AFA 214/FAA 214 and later wrote the book "Die Deutschen Luftstreitkrafte Im Weltkriege." Thanks a lot, Matt.
  11. Hello again, I have another signature which I would like identified, if someone would be so kind. It is of a Hauptmann and Stabsoffizier der Flieger in 1915. Thanks and regards, Matt.
  12. Fascinating stuff! Is there any mention of the personnel of the army flying units operating in this theatre: FA 16, FA 37 and FA (A) 214? Thanks for sharing - I will continue to watch this thread with interest Matt.
  13. Hi Alex, Thanks for the information. That is a super photo! I searched for more details about the career of August Dittmar, however I couldn't find anything... Do you happen to have any knowledge of his wartime postings / promotions? Happy new year! Matt.
  14. Dear all, I have another couple of docs for your perusal They are from Fliegerabteilung 11 and Fliegerabteilung (A) 247. Thanks, Matt.
  15. Hi, I was wondering if anyone knew who this fellow was. Thanks & regards, Matt.
  16. Hi Uwe & Gunnar, Thank you very much for your answers Regards, Matt.
  17. Dear all, Can anyone help with the second group of photos? I think that the last name (Kommandeur der Flieger 2) is Seraphim, but what about the others? And who's signature is against photo number 6 from the first grouping? Thanks a lot, Matt.
  18. Thanks Gunnar. I have a few more - please see attached. Thanks & regards, Matt.
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