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  1. Hi Andreas, Thanks a lot for your help. Here is a close-up of the ribbon bar. I am wondering if the 4th medal is the Hanseatic Cross from Bremen? It looks as though the 3rd and 6th awards have a bar across the middle.
  2. Hello all, Not sure if this is the right section to be hosting this, but here goes: I am posting a few photos of Luftwaffe officers and I am hoping that you knowledgeable folk will be able to identify their awards - and perhaps even identify the wearer?! Here is the first one. Does anyone know what awards are displayed on his ribbon bar? Thanks a lot for all your help, Matt.
  3. Hi guys, Thanks a lot for your replies. Here is the full page (Kurt Anders is at the bottom).
  4. Hi all, I wondered if anyone could tell me what award this abbreviation above the EK2 signifies (SRVM?). The man in question was a Gefreiter in Jäger Battalion 2 in 1914. And he was born in Reichenau (Zittau) if this helps? Oh, and this is from the Bavarian archives. The guy's name is Kurt Anders and his date of birth was 17.06.1893. Thanks a lot.
  5. Hi Gunnar, Thanks a lot! The signature comes from an aerial photo dated 26 July 1916. Do you know exactly when Hptm Karl Schwab left the command? Hi Andy, This man is mentioned as a Ltn in the Verlustlisten in 1914 - he was from Ulm, Württemberg. Thanks all !
  6. Hi Chip, I thought it was something like Sch...dal, so our thoughts are not too far off. Hi Andy, Unfortunately there is very little info available about this unit, so this elusive name will be a great help to me!
  7. My guy was probably a Hauptmann or Rittmeister, in command of Artillerie-Flieger-Abteilung 223 in mid-1916. Thanks!
  8. Hi all, I'm having difficulty reading this signature - any ideas gentlemen? Thank you
  9. Hi Marcin, That's a great album you have there! Difficult to give an accurate valuation but at a rough guess I'd say about 850-1,000 GBP for the main album and maybe GBP 30.00 for the Luftschiifer panoramic photo?
  10. Hi guys, Thanks for your efforts. I thought it might have been Metzengerder or Metzengerdes. So very similar to your interpretations. Hi all, I have just found a Lt dR Friedrich-August Metjengerdes, born 20.3.1884 in Waddewarden, Jever. He is listed as being wounded in early 1917 according to the Verlulisten. Probably the same man? Thanks guys - and thanks for sharing your terrific photo!
  11. Hi Claudio, I found my photo of Falke online just a couple of days ago. It was from a Russian website which has some very nice photos of German pilots and observers:- http://alexww1.livejournal.com/110902.html Matt.
  12. Hi Gunnar, That’s interesting because my source gives the date as Christmas 1914/15, and the rank of Hellmuth Volkmann as Oberleutnant. I had assumed that the date was actually 1915/16 because FFA 71 had not been formed until the summer of 1915, and Volkmann was not promoted to Oberleutnant until early 1915. So perhaps these men were actually from 2. FeFA Metz while it was being renamed…. Thanks for the first name of von Münch ! Best Regards, Matt.
  13. Hi all, Here are the names of the personnel I have serving in FFA 71 at the end of 1915. If anyone has a first name or original regiment for any of these men, I’d like to hear from you:- Hptm Petri (O) CO Oblt Hellmuth Volkmann (P) Oblt Jancke (O) Oblt König (O) Oblt Kurt von Schrabisch (O) Lt von Münch (O) Lt Gerlinghoff (O) Lt Flügge (O) Lt Grote-Hasenbalg (?) Lt von Bismarck (?) Vfw Neumann (P) Vfw Kern (P) Uffz Breitkreuz (P) Uffz Siebel (P) Gef Ey (P) Gef Kairies (P) We
  14. Hi Gunnar, A few names in this album do appear to be related to FFA 71 - Lt von Mönsch, Uffz Sieberl and Sgt Assmann. I have them as Lt von Münch, Uffz Siebel and a Werkmeister Assmann. Unfortunately I do not have the first names of many personnel in this unit, even the CO (Hptm Petri)...
  15. Hi Gunnar, I was praying that it wasn't another Maaß! The photo is part of an album being sold on ebay - other personnel are named, some of which will be well-known to you I'm sure. Here is the link:- http://www.ebay.de/itm/371563169911?_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT Best Regards, Matt.
  16. Hi all, I have seen this photo of a Hptm Mahs taken around c1916, but unfortunately I cannot find anything more on him.... Does anyone have any details about him and his war career (first name, original regiment, etc)? Thanks a lot, Matt.
  17. Hi Gunnar, I have his first name as Wilhelm, and he was from Crefeld (Krefeld). No date of birth I'm afraid.
  18. He is mentioned briefly on page 25 of this article. Maybe the publisher knows more about him? http://drv1890.de/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/Web_Jahresbericht_DRV_2014.pdf
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