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  1. Milosz be careful - I'm sharpening my teeth on this tobacco pouch / bag ...it's .... I.R. 61 !!!! - very lovely little bag my congratulations Kornel
  2. Thank you Chris ! I would like to show one tag from my "X-Files" - known unit but all personal information are totally erased . Does it have anything to do with ... an act of desertion ? It's quite interesting formation and even disc itself ( I like brass made ) , but unfortunately not able to tell the whole story ... If anybody has any opinion/ theory about it , please share best regards Kornel
  3. >> After I saw so many beautiful and interesting tags here ( some already presented ) , I'm sure you have some nice ones .... I'll show one mine such a sets << --- I don't use any drugs ,I wasn't even drunk , ok. I'm in constant rush not sleeping too much , but ... how could I produce such an brain-hurting sentence ??! ... years ago my ex used to call my language "monkey-broken- English" , but I think is getting even worse ... ... I should rather rest a little ... I'll fly away best regards Kornel
  4. Very impressive Eric ! I like ... no , no ... I love M16 cups . and have some .. regards Kornel
  5. C'mon Eric ... seeing only small part of your collection would say ...every second object is like "Wunderwaffe" ....no more excuses, just saw us some more of your tags One more , this time triple set of mine .
  6. nobody wants to show anything else ? another pair of mine , I hope you like it .
  7. Vielen Dank Uwe ! Erste Gedanken nach dem Wort "Fechtanstalt" waren natuerlich - fencing .... , dann kam Deine interresante Erklaerung Ganz interresante Idee , bin gerade beim Lesen darueber ( Freund aus dem deutschen Forum hat was fuer gefunden ) . mfG Kornel
  8. Can anybody identify this , as I presume Veteran association ? maybe I'm wrong , but I don't know why , smell something colonial ? any help appreciated best regards Kornel
  9. ok , one more - this time the early collar's one I believe
  10. I'm sorry wrong term , I meant "on knuckle bow" ... anyway thanks for accenting it - I have to work a little on my English vocabulary ... there are so many improper terms in use and I'm just repeating it like a parrot ... best regards Kornel
  11. Thank you Chip ! What about pairs or even multi sets related to one soldier ? After I saw so many beautiful and interesting tags here ( some already presented ) , I'm sure you have some nice ones .... I'll show one mine such a sets - maybe even my favorite . Does anyone has maybe battle damaged Erkennungsmarke ? Chris's one with the dent is till now the best I saw . best regards Kornel
  12. OMG ! I just waned say ...selfish , but was my fault to look at it around midnight .... can't sleep best regards Kornel ps. are they any prongs or rather rivets visible from inside the guard ?
  13. Stuka , Robin - I'm glad you like it . thank you . Kornel I'll try my best ,but isn't easy to feed an always skull-hungry monster .... friendly regards Kornel
  14. OMG ! it's frommy home town .... do you .... best regards Kornel
  15. Well ... long time we didn't feed Robin - two skulls from my collection . Leib Husaren : small from Schirmmuetze and the big one from Pelzmuetze . gentlemen - enjoy Kornel
  16. I would like to show you one of my favorite disc from my small collection - I call him Goliath ,you will see why ... In general I like all these more or less unusual , private made or ersatz items . In one of the pictures I put next to it regular M 15 Erkennungsmarke ( with it's plain reverse ) just to note the size difference . Excluding size and manufacturing I find also the unit quite intersting I hope you like it . regards Kornel
  17. As I said in the other post - well done ! It looks human again , not loosing anything from it's historical charm and authenticity . regards Kornel
  18. I think is perfect . IMO it didn't loose it's character at all . best regards Kornel ps. >> Would you rip off the rotten rags of Nefertiti and wrap her in modern cloth just to look/say this is how it must of looked back in the day? << - Of course not ! - maybe I'd just dust her little off after tens of centuries in the combs ( Eric please have some merci on us , we didn't replace any original cords , polished it badly etc. )
  19. Good for you Chris ! I never saw one like this , very interesting unit indeed . best regards Kornel
  20. Eric with all due respect and sympathy ( I'm fully conscious that your collection , knowledge and experience is ....zillion times better then mine ) I must disagree . This corrosion will not stop even in controlled environment , the further deterioration may not ONLY be visible in our life . Going this way only collecting items in very good condition makes sense .... what with some bitter ones ? Due to lock of action ( conservation , preservation , restoration etc. ) must they be sentenced for slow death ? I think if some of actions are taken proper- and tastefully some of the items are looking better after then before, still keeping their historical look ,originality , charm - Just my opinion . friendly regards Kornel ps. please tell me honestly do you like this posted below tag better before , or after ? by the way it is one of my few most cleaned tags . I agree it's never after the same , but .. is a virgin always better no matter what ?
  21. Very nice tag Chris ! I put a small bid on it ( just to establish myself ) and ....I forgot to raise ! Good it went to right collection . regards Kornel
  22. http://gmic.co.uk/uploads/monthly_02_2014/post-16230-0-83122300-1392231836.jpgHi Chris and Irish ! As always there are some yes and no , but I would say yes. One of ideas of collecting is to preserve , both an item and it's memory , history behind etc. we are then obligated to do something , where this "something" should only be as professional , harmful , in good taste and which is most important reversible ( ! ). As you both mentioned there is no harmful "patina" on zink objects , as you can see on any copper based alloy ... I'm always for YES if really needed , but not too much - it has to keep it's historical character . I do always preservation procedure to all my dog tags , only the way I do depends on their condition . If it is excellent to good condition I only cover them with thin film of candle paraffin ( or you can buy special micro crystal paraffin based stuff called cosmoloid 80h - highly professional agent or any micro waxes .) I heat the ID disc with hair dryer and I apply with q-tips boiling paraffin , immediately removing it from it's surface with paper towel . Dog tag should "suck" enough with it's micro pores / holes . If the "visibility" of the text isn't good enough , I contrast it ( very rarely ) with 0.3 mm soft ( any B class ) automatic pencil . If object is in bad - relic condition , then I neutralize it thru 2- 4 baths in distilled water ( boil for few minutes each time and change the water ) to eliminate any kind of salts causing inter crystal corrosion and ... as before ...protective film . best regards Kornel few tags of mine picture one and two - before and after all presented tags are after preservation ps. As you can see I'm not a big fan of cleaning to "death" , making them "new" etc.
  23. Theodor , that's a very interesting picture . It's a shame to say , but living relatively so close ( I'm from Poland - ex. West Prussia ) and not knowing almost anything about Bulgarian Army and war on that theatre .. best regards
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