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  1. I think it is all here; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Order_of_Leopold_(Belgium)
  2. Member 922F, said it all! There is a medal auction coming up at Drouot, managed by Beaussant-Lefevre on 26 march at 13.30h. And when visiting the flea market of St- Ouen, drop by at La Strasbourgeoise for a lovely choucroute in a very nice 1900 interior, in front of the Gare de l'Est.
  3. Just got home from a 400 km trip, but very pleased with what I brought back. First is a mod 1919 jacket for a high ranked custom officer. Documentation about Belgian military uniforms is quiet hard to find, but for customs, it is a nightmare... There is a lot of more research to do, but what I know so far is that there is only one rank higher then this one. And that is the boss, director of Belgian customs. So one single person, with that rank ((full-) colonel). About the rank I could lay hands on, it is a lieutenant colonel (equal to the military branch). The palm on the collar tab, next to the rank insignia, shows he was part of the administration. Custom agents doing the field work had a grenade on they re collar tab. My guess is that no more then ten custom agents could hold the rank of lieutenant colonel, and probably even less with palms... So needless to say I am more then happy with this one of his kind uniform. Also know as the mod 1915, for the army.It became the mod 1919 for customs; due to the war. My second bring back is a Belgian Congo photo album, of a also high ranked military officer. But no pictures yet of this one. I will show it asap in a new post. The picture of the customs officer, is the sellers picture. I will post better ones when ready.
  4. Thanks Trooper_D. My guess is that it have always been that way, yes. For as far as I know only two NCO ranks were given to "cadets" during the evolution; sergeant and warrant officer. All other 8 or 9 NCO ranks did not apply to cadet officers. Although our system (and laws!) are more copied for the french. Or should I say, a left over from our french period.
  5. hello, don't be sorry! Always nice to get a response when posting on a forum. I can not answer you about the picture being a time piece or not. At first glance it seems authentic, but a closer inspection is needed. That means it has to come out of the frame, and that is quiet a job. The coat of arms is a later addition, looks like a magnified cut out, on paper... But I managed to find out who it was, with the great help of the history society of Kampenhout (the city where this family used to live). And they apparently have the same original and normal sized,picture. According to them taken in the year 1900 by the Brussels court-photographer - Ferd. Buyle - 104 Marché aux herbes Bruxelles. They also stated ; "from left to right we see the only son of Baron Henri de Fierlant: Adriën de Fierlant, in his uniform of lieutenant 2e. Lancers, who died in the year 1908 in the Congolese LUBA area as Agent for the Belgian company LOMAMI." The family was original from the Netherlands but choose to emigrate due to the religion quarrels in the early 17 th century. Among his ancestress; -Simon de Fierlant finished his career as Chancellor of Brabant under the reign of Charles II (King of Spain) -Goswin de Fierlant who became a colonel in the armies of Napoleon and who at the head of the Walloon Dragons' Regiment was involved in the battle of Baumersdorf .... I got the picture for 20 euro, from a house clearing of a family member , descendant from the sister of Adrien de Fierlant. Who by being a descendant of the female branch of the family lost the name. Just one more thing, the uniform on the picture (to me!!) , is the highest NCO and not a lieutenant, as the history society stated. He might ended up as a lieutenant before going to Congo. And I would love to see your dolman! 😉
  6. Managed to find this exceptional large (1.12m by 0.82m! ) picture of a NCO at the second lancers. Seen here with my 4th lancers outfit. Not a great picture, but it was the best I could do....
  7. Thanks Brian. Enjoy your new collection! The only disadvantage is they are hard to display ... I generally build a wall with them... There is a tin can forum in the UK; http://www.oldshopstuff.com/Forum/tabid/1803/aff/9/Default.aspx
  8. Some more local hard to find tin cans. The picture on the last one shows the neighborhood of what would be the Reitz factory during the war (in Antwerp!).
  9. Nice item! Sword forum could give you some valuable info too; http://www.swordforum.com/forums/forum.php
  10. Thanks for sharing! I am looking for any Belgian items regarding the volunteers for Mexico, from day one I started collecting. All I found is a set of uniform buttons. But never the less very pleased to have them.
  11. The bar shows at the end the 1940–1945 Colonial War Effort Medal, that means he served for at least one year in Africa between 10 May 1940 and 7 May 1945, and the previous medal stands for 20 years of service in Africa; so my guess would be he served in Europe during WWI...
  12. Belgian Congo service star to me because of the color and the second one being the Belgian WWI commemorative medal. Most nco, officers and government officials, where not Belgians, they had to rely on many other nationality's. Great part came from Scandinavia, but we had French also serving in Belgian Congo. So that could explain the French ribbon... and it is not uncommon to see British medals given to people who served in Belgian Congo during both war's.
  13. Thanks a lot Graham! Missed that one.🧐 cheers Kris
  14. Hello, I have got a few red flags, when seeing this helmet. -the head of the adler covering the star retaining the spike. It shouldn't come so far, to me. -the form of the star between the country heraldic shield and the adler. Long and narrow, it should fit like in a square. -and the heraldic shield it self, do not inspire me. But I could be wrong!! I would like to see better close up's of the adler and shield's (if possible also the back of the adler), the inner liner, and the sewing of the different parts.
  15. Still looking for any additional information regarding this medal...
  16. Hey Jef, you did great research! Thanks for sharing it. Much appreciated. cheers Kris
  17. Hey Jef, now, this makes a difference! 👍 Thanks for your concur. Much appreciated.
  18. Hey Gordon, the permission I was waiting for, referred to the picture I did post. The permission came rather quickly and my message was emerged to my previous one. So that is all there is to see...but all ready quiet interesting to see 3 different models of the medal in one pic .
  19. I have seen different palm medals up to know and none had a similar ribbon...All different ribbons And a new type of medal showed up as well... I am waiting for a authorization to use the guy's picture. Here it is. 3 different medals (for the Rhine land occupation)can be seen here, all belonged to the same person.
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