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  1. It's the crown jewel of my collection now. Hi everyone, Thanks a lot for your replies. Spartan
  2. Hi everyone, Thank you for your reply. Simply for curiosity, does anybody notice that there are at least three different styles of McDaniel's signature on the Historical Research certificate? Sapartan
  3. Hello, I saw this Gold Star SN. 4832 on ebay with historical research certificate. But I noticed the signature and format on this certificate is a little different from other certificate posted on www.collectrussia.com. What do you think of this certificate or Gold Star? Thank you. Sapartan
  4. ​ Just got reply from research, the Red Star belongs to a HSU in Winter War. ' alt='' class='ipsImage' >
  5. ​Hi Rogi, I think what we believe should based on the facts. Besides the reasons I mentioned above, another indirect reason makes me believe it is original is changing serial number from 6 digi to 5 digi doesn't make the price of a suspension type Red Banner increase much higher. People generally make fake Gold Star, 2nd screw post Red Banner and top Soviet military orders, because the original ones are pricey. I only know two or three low serial number suspension type Red Banner exist. I don't think people would put such effort on forging a suspension type Red Banner which only worth hundreds of USD. Spartan
  6. I will post the search result as soon as I get it. Best, spartan
  7. Dear Paul, Yes, I realized it is expensive, won't buy the same thing again. But I still consider it is an official alteration after thinking it again. First, the SN area was carefully polished and the style of engraved serial number looks similar to my Order of red star which awarded in late 1943, I don't think an ordinary people can do this. Second, there are similar examples in N. Strekalov and V. Durov's Red Banner book on page 113, the book also mentioned the purpose is exchanging the old type Red Banner (read it with Google translation ). Third, patina of polished alteration area match other area, means the alteration has been done long time ago, probably the same period the Red Banner was produced. Best wishes, Spartan
  8. Hello everyone, Thank you very much for your opinion! I am pleased to have a red banner with such low SN number which may awarded in late 1941. It's definitely for gallantry. I will try to search the archive. Spartan
  9. Hello everyone, Thank you for your reply. I've received the RB today. New photos have been posted. Seems the whole SN area is a bit sunk by polishing. If you think the SN was altered, is it by official or just for faking? Additional information: the auctioneer mentioned this RB is from a private collection purchased in Berlin circa 1980s. Spartan
  10. Hello everyone, Just got this Red banner from online biding. I know that there are similar examples of low digi suspension type RB in N. Strekalov and V. Durov's book and collectrussia had this kind of RB as well in 2013, but I still have doubt if it is just a 6 digi RB been artificially changed to 5 digi. What do you think of this RB? Thank you.
  11. Thank you. Looks the same with mine, except the serial number on my OL is off center.
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