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  1. Well deserved Victoria Cross; I'm sure his mates will agree.
  2. I noticed the Canadian Machine Gun badge in there... Brutinel's innovative contribution to Canada's Great War successes. Great collection! Most people only think of them in MG emplacements at the trench level but they did so much more, from the motorized Machine Gun Brigade that exploited and assisted the infantry's advance to their indirect fire which kept Jerry ducking as he performed his duties behind the front lines. You obviously put a lot of time, money, and effort in compiling this museum worthy tribute to a lesser known branch of the Armed Services. My congratulations to you because it
  3. Colin; Unbelievable! Great work! Mike
  4. Colin; All I can say is ...wow! You have a wonderful talent ; I like to make military models and figurines ( which take months to build ) so I can appreciate the amazing skills that you possess. This is a museum quality work of art. Congratulations! Mike
  5. He also said that he would rather have lost an arm or a leg or his own life than to have lost his own brother who was killed that day, 70 years ago today! Mike
  6. Excellent points Chris. I hadn't thought about that way and it does go to the point that some people are denied promotions and/or awards because of various forms of malfeasance. Glad to accept your thoughts and viewpoint! Regards, Mike
  7. What does this say about the American military and the Medal of Honor? Is one dishonored because of past prejudices or is the other diminished because of political interference? I realize that this is a sensitive topic ; I also believe that valour is not determined, decades later, by a panel of judges who are directed to re-assess and upgrade awards duly recognized in a previous era. Why did Joshua L. Chamberlain receive the Medal of Honor 30 years after a battle where many had already been recognized, at the time, for their actions? Did General Meade and his staff not understand the import
  8. In my province, New Brunswick, the Regiment that my grandfather served with fron 1920 until the conclusion of WWII is reverting back to it's original name.. the North Shore ( N.B. ) Regiment. I know my grandfather, also a WWI veteran, would approve. Mike
  9. Great acquisition, Bill. Certainly a magnificant centerpiece for anyone's collection. Priceless! My congratulations! Mike
  10. Very nice medal, Ralph. Certainly one of the better quality replicas I've seen. You can tell by the suspender ring and the attachment opening on the cross itself. Also, the color of the ribbon more closely matches that of the " real thing ". Great find. Mike
  11. Probably ended up in Lord Ashcroft's collection. I haven't even seen the real thing and he owns over 10% of the total awarded to date. Good for him! The only one he has in his own hands, however, is an unissued, genuine V.C. that he bought for himself as a Christmas present " at a modest price because it had been unissued " and it now sits " on a dsk in my house ". Wow! Mike
  12. I know. I was watching that but wouldn't bid for that very reason. But, I guess if you have the money and the interest who am I to disagree. Mike
  13. It's no wonder the war lasted so long. Trying to capture these fortified positions was suicide. Those men ( from all countries ) were made of stern material! Mike
  14. Very nice. All it needs is an original medal presentation case from Garrard & Co. Mike
  15. Why did it take 30 years for Congress to award him this medal when there were 63 given for actions that day. This is the only thing that I do not understand about the award. Hindsight shouldn't be a criteria. Mike
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