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  1. If we regret the past we are bound to repeat it....no I go that wrong. If we forget the past we are bound to repeat it. I do have a tendency to screw things up as I get older. I do have some regrets but such is life. No one has led a perfect life. I realize that if I change one things in the past I would not be where I am at right now. I have some complaints but too few to mention and through it all I did it my way. There I go again remembering bits and pieces of other things. Anyway it is a new year on the way and with Gods help 2018 will be better then 2017.

  2. Brian, I always love to read what you write. You have such a wonderful way of putting things. Change, in any form, has always been very difficult for me. If it was up to me America would always be as it was in the 1920's, but for that to happen the rest of the world would have to be in the same time period. Would that be a good thing? Most likely not. Change at times is progress and at other times digression.

    You mentioned your six daughter, you are a fortunate man, but understand this come form a man who has no children. If things did not change you would have six teenage daughters fighting to use the bathroom for eternity.

  3. I once had a friend tell me you invest in the stock market and collect for the fun of it. That is what I do. However once in a while I will buy something for my collection because I think it is a good investment. I usually don't make any money on it. I think if one got into the hobby 30-40 years ago and bought wisely they could make money if they sold now. For example a near mint 1939 Iron Cross first class in a case could have been purchased 15 years ago for under $200, they now sell for near $400 the last time I checked.


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