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  1. Hi Dante, It is a really great find! I have more than 100 passes and none from Gebirgs Artillerie, wish to have at least one. As to EK entry - I have seen few similar examples (entry was added with no reference in the text related to a service in specific unit). It would be nice to have his Soldbuch. Would you be so kind to show the cover? Regards, Marcni
  2. Chris, Just to double check if I understand you correctly - collecting single boards is wrong because of ... what? I mean, I have just singles as they were offered for sell as such. But I also have a hope to buy the second (the same) single, to have a pair some day. Is that wrong? Why? Regards, Marcin
  3. It seems so: http://www.antyczek.com/katalog-ordery/niemieckie-ordery-i-odznaczenia-1800-1945-katalog.html regards, Marcin
  4. And here is a longer story of his appointment, with some personal details: http://www.fultonhistory.com/Process%20small/Newspapers/Rochester%20NY%20Democrat%20Chronicle/Rochester%20NY%20Democrat%20Chronicle%201933/Rochester%20NY%20Democrat%20Chronicle%201933%20-%200223.pdf (check the text on the right of the page) And from The Nautical Magazine 1914 (Bande 92): Captain Paul Wiehr, s.s. Blucher - Commander, Order of the Lion and Sun (Persia); Knight Cross, First Class, Order of Albrecht (Saxony); Knight, First Class, Order of Friedrich (Wurtemberg); Reserve Decoration, Second Class, Silver Medal for ... unreadable. And next, from The Express Messenger, 1927 (there is more text but I don't have that book): "The delightful quiet friendliness of the members of the staff of 'Albert Ballini' is the spirit of Captain Paul Wiehr himself. Sunny days follow sunny days and the captain is free to express his natural liking for people." Regards, Marcin
  5. Rick, have you really met George Seymour? Have you seen his collection? Can I see it anyhow? Kind regards, Marcin
  6. Chris, not a problem re change of title. You have a nice docs too - I think it was signed by Major Mülmann from 3. Ostasiatisches Infanterie-Regiment. Best, Marcin
  7. Hi All, As I bought my first Boxer Rebellion document, I would like to ask kindly if you have any idea where I can find the order of battle of 5. Ostasiatisches Infanterie-Regiment. I would also like to research Major v. Freyhold, who signed the document, but for now I know he was with GR7 before he moved to 5 Ostasiatisches IR. Can anyone recognise the place where the document was signed? I can't :-( Kind regards, Marcin
  8. Rick, Please forgive me an off-topic, but what's Traveling Museum? Kind regards, Marcin
  9. Dave - Thank You for this interesting info. Can I ask - how do you know all this? Last question - where can I find the list of awards abbreviations? I know just few of them but I remember there is a full list somewhere here. Regards, Marcin
  10. So we have Ludwig Käfferlein, K.B. Inf Rgt 8 ? Thanks :-) Will post more pictures as soon as I have any interesting and possibly traceable.
  11. Hmm don't know what to say. Thanks? Please copy your knowledge somewhere, Rick, its unique.
  12. Hi All, I would like to ask you kindly to identify the awards and maybe the rank? I can't handle :-| Kind regards, Marcin
  13. Hi Martha, You will find more information on IR 75 here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Infanterie-Regiment_Bremen_%281._Hanseatisches%29_Nr._75 Btw. Can we have a Musketier in other unit than Infantry? Guess not. Regards, Marcin
  14. Hi Andreas, Thanks for that, I will use that term from now. Is it the same award as Erinnerungsmedaille 1870/71? I have such note in one of the passes. By the way - are there many collectors of 1870/71 items in Germany? Regards, Marcin
  15. Hi Naxos, nice document indeed, and you are lucky to have a picture! As to the awards - only Kriegsverdienstmedaille 1870/ 71, I can't find other entries regarding awards. This is somehow interesting as the one below took part in battles near Paris, Sedan etc. I will research my documents further as soon as time allows. Kind regards, Marcin
  16. Thank you, Chip. So I understand the important difference between both "L" is the crown now, correct?
  17. Dear All, I wonder how many different types of 1870/71 there were. For now I have like four or five (you can see them here: http://www.imperialgermanmilitaria.com/index.php/photos/date/1870-1871/79-1870-71-militaerpass-documents ) Below are just examples - there are different covers / backside, as well as different printing houses. Please show what you have there! Kind regards, Marcin
  18. Great and rare document, Naxos, and very interesting story. I will show my 1870/71 passes today, maybe there are more people that are interested. Regards, Marcin
  19. Finally I have found this thread. It's really good to have you all here :-) I have this letter and can't read most of words ("festung Belfort" is however clearly visible) . Can anyone help? Kind regards, Marcin
  20. I wonder if "1" means anything more than that he was first to receive his dog-tag. Does it have anything to do with rank / seniority?
  21. Hi, thank you both for your help. Of course I have all the pre-war details available in Ruhmeshalle and 251 Divisions. I will do more research on this as I want to put it on my website with other docs. If you have time and you want - please see my other docs that I published on my website (link below) and feel free to comment / add any new info. That would be highly appreciated. Here is the doc:
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