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  1. Well,there is not much going on in the awards department for me lately,but i was able to pick up these two new additions to my photo collection. Schlachtschiffe Scharnhorst.
  2. Hi Larry, i beleive it is. The subject was recently discussed on the GCA forum. For the sake of discussion in regards to this subject i will post the GCA thread below with thanks to Jirka and i hope this is OK to post this link here at GMIC. There are some intersesting images here,but the text in most of the links are in the Czech language. Regards,Martin .http://www.germancombatawards.com/thread.php?threadid=40536
  3. I beleive they also identified him by the dog tag they found. Regards,Martin.
  4. A couple of new additions in my collection. First,is another example of the Marinenachrichtenschule.Odulf posted the same type of tally in post # 21.
  5. If i collected LW awards,i would want one too John. I will keep my eyes open for you. Regards,Martin.
  6. I see no problems with this badge. IMO it is an original sterling piece that was made in Japan. The faults in the lines of longitude and latitude are typical of the individual hand finishing that can be seen on these pieces. However,as much as i would like to have it i am not prepared to pay what these sterling marked badges are going for now. I am perfectly happy with my incomplete and worn tombak example. Regards,Martin.
  7. My latest addition. "Segelschulschiff Gorch Fock". The photo is dated 1937. Regards,Martin.
  8. Great indeed Joe, well,at least for us HK geeks. Nice to see this plain example of the Taufschein for VP.Lutje of the THOR 1. I see that the dates are the same,6,7.40 and have the same "Neptun" signature by Kahler. I have seen a few of these "uncoloured" examples. I think that Walter Nehm liked to add colour to some of his items.Here is a hand coloured photo i have of him that he may well have done himself along with the Equator document ?? Regards,Martin.
  9. Great items from the ORION Joe and thanks for showing.I just love the "artwork" ,as crude as it is on those doc's. Here is one that is special to me from the THOR 1. Given to Matr.Gefr.Walter Nehm.It is hand coloured and the signature of "Neptun" on the bottom is by the hand of Otto Kahler,the Commander of THOR 1. Regards,Martin.
  10. With help,i am posting the WAF thread here to continue the discussion in regards to the "fake sterling badges". I hope this is OK. Regards,Martin. http://www.wehrmacht-awards.com/forums/showthread.php?t=614877&highlight=Aux+Cruiser+sterling+silver
  11. It seems to relate to a reproduction of the "sterling" badge and it involves Sascha Weber. I beleive we dicussed this "sterling repro" at WAF some months ago,but i cannot find the thread there. Regards,Martin.
  12. I have no idea what this represents but the date at the bottom right of the plaque appears to read 1941 ?? Can you confirm this date Itaca ?? Regards,Martin.
  13. Hi Claudiu, The badge appears to be a poorly cast fake of a Schwerin badge,sorry to say. Regards,Martin.
  14. Thanks for this fascinating information Joe. The Brake was a supply tanker of 9925 tons.The Charlotte Schliemann was another tanker and from what i recall on an old WAF thread,collector Monsun had a Japanese badge from a crewman who served on the Uckermark and the Charlotte Schliemann ? Regards,Martin.
  15. Hi Chris, with the help of a friend,i am working on trying to get information here from a couple of former THOR crewmen. I am keeping my fingers crossed. Regards,Martin.
  16. Hi Nick, basically,when i finally got one of these Japanese made awards i noticed that the lines of longitude and latitude were individually engraved by hand. When i compared my badge with other examples i could see that the cuts that extended into the wreath area were different on each individual badge that featured these lines. Regards,Martin.
  17. Some interesting points John and all quite credible. I just wish i could have had the opportunity to talk to former crewmen of the THOR's 2nd cruise in regards to these awards. Amen to that. Regards, Martin.
  18. Hi Nick, as you say the numbers are approximate. I have the complete crewlists from both the Thor 1 & 2. On the second cruise of the Thor i have about 369 names. My recoerds indicate that the ships compliment of the Michel was about 400. So,we have about,lets say about 770 crewmen,give or take. I wonder if the men who served on the 1st cruise of the Thor and had already received the HK badge,received this Japanese badge on the 2nd cruise? I am inclinded to think no. I do not have any exact numbers here in regards to these crewmen who served on both cruises without further study on my behalf. Regards,Martin.
  19. Hi Nick, i do agree here.In fact,i think that there was a constant exchange of crewmen from the various ships that operated in and out of Japan.prior to and espacially after the Uckermark and the Thor were desroyed by fire in Yokohama on November 30 1942. Many of these "stranded" crewmen from the Thor and Uckermark went to serve on other ships. As we know,the Thor commander,Gunther Gumprich took over command of the Michel when her Commander Helmuth von Ruchkteschell fell ill and was hospitalised in Tokyo. Many of the former Thor crewmen joined Gumprich on the ill-fated second cruise of the Michel. Other crewmen from the Thor joined the crews of the Blockeade Breakers operating out of Japan,in hope to return to Germany.These ships include the Blockade Breakers,Irene,Pietro Orsolo and the Regensberg. In fact,about 43 members of the Uckermark joined the the crew of the Regensburg. Some former Thor crewmen were killed on the Doggerbank when she was sunk off the Azores in March 1943 by one of her own U-Boats,(U-43). There was only one survivor. But i think that to earn the HK award you had to have service on one of the Raiders? I find it hard to beleive that these awards were given to crewmen who served on Blockade Breakers only,but who knows ? Regards,Martin.
  20. To the question of the fitting. I personally think, that Japanese maker tried to be "as realistic as possible" to the origin/official (German) one and no japanese fittings (Needles( Hooks) were allowed. BR, Chris I have to agree here Chris. There were crewmen who served on the Thor's 2nd Cruise under Gumprich that also served on the Thor's 1st cruise under Kahler. These men had already received the HK award for this service and were probably awarded badges made by Juncker or Schwerin ? I can only presume that the dies for these sterling and tombak HK badges were designed from an existing German award and this can be seen in the reverse hardware with the block hinge and wide mainpin. Having said that,these badges do not resemble any of the known German awards in "overall design". As we know these badges were made from sterling or tombak.The HK award documents from the Thor and MIchel are dated in early 1943. Correct me if i am wrong,but i beleive at this time German manufacturers were producing awards primarily in zinc. The question remains as to who made them?? After viewing Nick's fine overview of Japanese awards that show us the variations in reverse set up's and marks,i think that these HK awards were not made by a major producer of military awards but by a small workshop in Yokohama? In regards to the lines of latitude and longitude see my thread here that i posted at GCA. http://www.germancombatawards.com/thread.php?threadid=39010 I also think that each one of these badges were individually hand finished.This also explains the difference in the outlines and the application of the sterling stamp on the silver examples. The bottom line for me is that i think these badges were NOT made in Germany and were made in Japan for the crewmen of the Thor after they were stranded there when the ship was destroyed by fire in Yokohama Harbour.They were also issued to crewmen of the Michel that also operated out of Japan. The images posted by Monsun in post # 3 is compelling evidence that these "non-German" made badges were produced and "worn" by crewmen who served on ships operating out of Japan. There is still a lot to learn about these awards? Regards,Martin.
  21. Great comparison images Norm. As always,well presented and informative. Thank you,Martin.
  22. Well, we are all entitled to our opinions Morten but i guarantee that these badges were "not" made in Germany. First,they match no known German design and why would a German manufacturer produce a few hundred badges because "some wanted a slightly different design" and then ship them all the way to Japan ?????? I also think that a "Japanese Jeweler" is more likely to use the word "sterling" on the reverse of his wares than a major German award manufacturer during WWII. I could go on here but i ask other members who collect KM awards,and especially if you have some Hilfskreuzer awards in your collection,do you honestly think that these sterling and tombak "Japanese" awards were made in Germany ?? I know what i think,what do you think? Thanks and regards,Martin.
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