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  1. [attachmentid=61304]Tony,i do not know what the insigna is.Maybe this close up might help?
  2. David,thanks very much,appreciate it. Regards,Martin.
  3. Richard,with what appears to be an absolutely great collection displaying them would be the least of my worries.I'm sure you'll figure it out.Also,i would like to see the contents of all those cases,when you have time. Best wishes,Martin.
  4. [attachmentid=61143]The reason i ask is because of this photo.It is my grandfather,R.A,taken C.1918 and he is wearing the insignia on his sleeve above his stripes. Thanks and regards,Martin.
  5. Hi everyone,could someone please identify this insignia,many thanks,Martin
  6. Nice photo Steve,followed by a nice little piece of history on the boat by John.Very interesting. Best wishes,Martin.
  7. Hardy,i might be wrong but i beleive that Frank & Reif did not produce U-Boat badges and any badge with that maker mark should be considered a fake.Hopefully,someone more knowlegable can verify this. best wishes,Martin.
  8. Hi everyone.i pretty much agree with Gordon,especially about the U-Boat badge,but as a collector of Kriegsmarine badges i think that they are "must-have" items.Their early Blockade Runner and Coaastal Artillery badges are probably the nicest i've seen,so far. Best wishes,Martin.
  9. [attachmentid=58673]John,i just picked up this Juncker Coastal Artillery badge,here's the reverse,regards,Martin.
  10. [attachmentid=57001]The reverse of the U-Boat badge.An unmarked Schwerin.
  11. [attachmentid=56994]The Fleet and Coastal Artillery badges.The Artillery badge has a period repair to the pin and catch.
  12. [attachmentid=56987]The Minesweeper badges.The Schwerin hes what appears to be a period repair to the catch,
  13. [attachmentid=56985]Here are the reverse pic's.First the Aux.Cruisers.
  14. Darrel,you are absolutely right.I will post the reverse pictures tomorrow,regards,Martin.
  15. [attachmentid=56956]This last badge is not KM as you can see but it is one of my Favorite badges.I really like this early Juncker,a little on the worn side but i keep it because of my lifelong fascination with the Battle of Britain.I hope you've enjoyed looking at my collection as much as i've enjoyed looking at some of yours over the past couple of days,warmest regards,Martin.
  16. [attachmentid=56955]A visitors day badge for the Kreuzer Karlsruhe.
  17. [attachmentid=56954]A mid to late war unmarked Auxillary Cruiser.probably Foerster & Barth.
  18. [attachmentid=56953]Two second pattern S-Boat badges.The one on the left is a Schwerin the other AS.
  19. [attachmentid=56952]Here's a Schwerin U-Boat badge and a pin for the 1st U-Flottile,Brest.
  20. [attachmentid=56951]Next up,Scwerin HSF and Coastal Artillery badges.
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