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  1. Back of CE Juncker CAB . Nothing special with front of badge , but this is the first time I se a pin-setup like this on a Juncker CAB . Jan Arne
  2. Juncker Coastal Artillery Badge , made of Finzick . Jan Arne
  3. Hi Gordon ! The books looks GREAT ! Looking forward to the release of this Book . Jan Arne
  4. Look like a very very Nice FLL Para to me . Jan Arne
  5. Nice Hymmen IAB . Have been lucky and found a couple of these . Jan Arne
  6. Hi John ! Thanks ! Then it goes back . Have a fully return policy on this one . PS ! Already got mail from the Dealer , no problem , and fast service from the Dealer . Jan Arne
  7. Marking on back of Compass. And the Compass can still find North . Jan Arne
  8. Hi Guys ! Have also hope I one day would get one of these . Got it for a couple of Weeks ago . Jan Arne
  9. PAB in Bronze Friedrich Linden . One of Detlev`s FLL horde . Jan Arne
  10. Hi Guys ! Thanks for inputs and comments ! Here is an other unmarked one . Jan Arne
  11. An old Collector also needed a couple of more LW Flak Badges . Unmarked LW Flak , Brehmer ? Jan Arne
  12. Juncker PAB in Silver made of CupAl . Not the easiest badge to find ! Jan Arne
  13. Hi Snoopy ! Great LW Clock , liked that one !!! Jan Arne
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