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  1. A very late addition to this thread but the HJ Jugendmeister badge (and others of the series, Kampfspiele) have a similar notch at the 12 O'clock position. Best, Toby.
  2. It is a jeweller added safety catch, so as to secure the pin firmly in position.
  3. I think I might win this one. Gold - 894. PS Sorry about the copyright but it is embedded and to remove, I would have to re-shoot the badge.
  4. Hi Colin, It is indeed the one shown on p. 90. Alas no case with it though. I actually think the case shown belongs to the adjacent Ski-Fuehrer badge. The Alpenverein pin has simply been positioned on the lid lining for ease of photography. Best, Toby.
  5. Thought this one might complement Colin's badge (very nice by the way): German & Austrian Alpine Association Badge. Best, Toby.
  6. Hi Nick, I should think it echoes the DLRG (Deutsche Lebens Rettungs Gesellschaft) Grundschein, i.e. basic proficiency certificate / award. This woud have been followed by the Pruefungsschein and subsequently Lehrschein. Presumably the same thing here, i.e. Wasserwacht Pruefungsschein, etc. I'll try and make some pics of my DLRG grouping. Best, Toby.
  7. Hi Bob, Thanks for replying. I do remember reading in the Phil Baker book (one of them anyway) that there were no printed HJ armbands. I adopted this viewpoint for some time but following conversations with a couple of collectors began to wonder if I was mistaken. Something else I had noticed is that the only AHS stamps I could find on items of clothing and equipment were in a basic 'font'. The stamp on this mimics the embroidery style on AHS straps. Anyway, I will happily go with your view on this. Better safe than sorry. All the best, Toby.
  8. Hi Everyone, I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on this armband I recently acquired. As you can see, it is a printed version. However, what makes it interesting are the ink stamps: on the outer side of the armband, is a circular stamp - I can discern one word - Gebietsfuehrerschule (Territory Leader School) - thereafter I'm stuck. At the bottom of the stamp, I suspect it says 'Gebiet [number] and on the right hand side, I imagine is the name of the school. Any ideas? Also, on the inside of the armband is an ink stamp for AHS - Adolf-Hitler-Schule. I believe the armband is original; although, please correct me if I am mistaken. It can't be too difficult to add some stamps to an armband. However, the lettering in the stamps looks correct for the period. Also, the consistency between the Gebietsfuehrerschule stamp and the AHS stamp. Am I correct to think that attendance at a Gebeitsfuehrerschule followed attendance at an AHS? Can anyone enlighten me as to the relationship between the two types of school? Thanks for looking. All the best, Toby.
  9. I now have the Prinzen in-hand, so here are some (hopefully!) better pics. Best, Toby.
  10. Thanks to you all for taking a look at this. I'm presently negotiating to buy it so don't have it in hand at the moment. Once I have it (assuming successful), I'll post some better images. All the best, Toby.
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