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  1. dond, Thanks for the feedback. Stripped black(ouch!!!). Is there anyway to tell for sure?
  2. Would appreciate any opinions on this Gold Naval wound badge (non-magnetic): -
  3. Peninsula Commemorative Medal, Brunswick (Death’s Head) 17th Hussars. This medal was awarded by the Dukedom of Brunswick in 1909 to the descendants of the 17th (Death's Head) Hussars Regiment who fought in the Napoleonic Peninsular wars of 1809: -
  4. After a little more digging, I think the WAA rim markings may be W&A for the manufacturer Winter & Adler, Vienna.
  5. Nothing special but a little strange. My EK2, Kyffhäuser Union War Veterans Commemorative medal, Hindenburg Cross and Prussian Veterans Commemorative medal bar: - The EK2 is marked S-W. The Hindenburg Cross has an incorrect ribbon (looks like a Hanseatic Lübeck cross ribbon)
  6. 922F, Thanks for the feedback. The fiver is Zinc. I really do not know what the rim markings are, whether they are manufacturing markings or not . Would love to find out though.
  7. A few more: - This medal has three wound stripes and is marked 'HMA 1918' This medal has four wound stripes and is marked 'GW 18' Lastly this medal has five wound stripes and is marked 'WAA'
  8. Wound medals from my collection with different rim mint markings. Does anybody know what these mint markings signify? This medal has no 2 mm red wound stripes and is marked 'B.18' The next medal has one wound stripe and is marked 'GW 18' This one has two wound stripes and is marked 'WAA 918'
  9. macchianera72, Thanks for the feedback. Regards, Graham
  10. Some good information at this website concerning this medal: - http://antique-photos.com/ru/awardsdatabase/foreign-awards/republic-of-austria/73-war-commemorative-medal.html This one is from my collection: -
  11. vonmackensen-blog.tumblr.com Marie von Fery-Bognar
  12. One I own, blank on the reverse. A decorated Belgian soldier, would be nice to know who he is: -
  13. One more: - thechaplainkit.com/chaplains/foreign-chaplains/belgium/
  14. Happy to go with the consensus. Regards, Graham
  15. An interesting website: www.bulgarianartillery.it A 7.5cm Gebirgskanone M 15 (Skoda 75mm mountain gun M. 1915)
  16. Austria-Hungary - Military Merit Medal Signum Laudis and France - Commemorative medal of the 1859 Italian Campaign
  17. Great information in this thread. This is my Official medal:
  18. Just to add one more to the great medals already shown in this thread. This is my Official type 1:
  19. Here is my, what I believe to be, an Official type 2 medal.
  20. Bulgarian Stormtroopers kylarsroleplay.fandom.com/wiki/World_War_1_(Bulgaria)
  21. One from my collection. An official type 2 no clasps: -
  22. Basilica of Notre Dame de Brebieres at Albert, Somme www.fortunapost.com/80-somme/46684-carte-postale-ancienne-80-albert-basilique-notre-dame-de-brebieres-1905.html In 1905: www.awm.gov.au/collection In 1916: In 1918: Present:
  23. St. Quentin Cathedral abelard.org/france/germans_in_france-stquentin.php globalnews.ca/news/1623002/rebuilding-europe-after-ww1-took-decades/ In 1910: In 1918: In 2014:
  24. The Cloth Hall, Ypres roydenhistory.co.uk/eportwarmemorial/battlefieldtrips/battlefields2004/yprestown/yprestown.htm archives.queensu.ca/exhibits/archival-resources-teachers/archival-look-world-war-i/warfare-wwi In 1914: In 1915: In 1918: In 2004:
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