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  1. It is with great pleasure to announce that Alex Notopol was absolutely correct and at least 7 people w considerable experience (“the experts”) got it totally wrong. Although I believe it was an honest mistake by Helmut from many years ago, I note that in 2005, the landscape on knowledge was far different, i.e., for example, consensus on Zeppelin Badges was notably different than it is today. The Zeppelin Super Crown was considered fake and Junckers Zeppelins were thought to be real. Now it is the exact opposite. I am not defending the experts. I'm pretty sure he and Carsten run things by each other, and though opinions are far different today, Carsten may have actually given the thumbs up on the patches in 2005! it’s proves we must teach ourselves as much as possible. It’s going back in the chain of title over 15 plus years and Helmut has agreed to resolve the matter amicably. So a few good things r happening out of this! This is what makes this forum wonderful. It educates. It encourages. I would like to add that Alex and I have been having a highly productive series of emails. His knowledge is incredible. It’s all in the details and he loves the history that goes into his research! As Alex rightly points out - the home work must be done before publishing! Lastly Alex shared something (for those interested in squadron sleeve patches) which comes out of I believe an old publication. Take a look for comparison. Alex also sent this link which is choked with photographs on time-period epaulets, insignia and unit patches. Check it out!ttp: //firstwartechnik.free.fr/Dinsignes.html Hope everyone finds this useful!!!! Thank u Alex for the difference u make and ur kindness in allowing me to post these sketches.
  2. About Opinions First thank u for ur comments. Opinions r gladly welcomed. I take none of it personally. If Alex is right then truth will out and he has done another good service for us. I am not new a new expert or mean to rub anyone the wrong way bc this is an open forum for ideas. This chain has seen more activity in a few days then in a long time. This I think Akex would agree is good! This is a process of learning and ultimately consensus. It is an evolving field as the knowledge becomes more known. Hence this forum - one of many. Because it’s interesting. Because we all stand to learn and understand and not buy mistakes - for those who r collectors About truth I find Helmut to be a gentleman in his dealings. All dealer occasionally buy mistakes, ie the Junckers Naval Air Gunner w only 2 rivets! Panda will tell u all day long what he thinks is fake on any site if u ask Including well recognized dealers and auctions. That doesn’t mean there are not great pieces and good opportunities - though I rarely buy from retail dealers. The key is not to buy mistakes. And if u gentlemen r right that these two squadron sleeve patches r fakes well that’s okay. It’s part of the territory bc u r saying the squadron units do not exist. Seems easy. A further reply will be made. There are other experts highly interested in this debate. I stand for the truth. Let it will out. It’s never personal what the evidence reveals about a piece And Vince there’s also nothing out of left field in ur silence (or anyone’s) on the naval badges I posted. That speaks volumes bc they r textbook. Its all good though. I totally agree w u that this is a field fraught w a lot of misinformation. And I look forward to ur friendship in bringing clarity and truth and having fun in the process.
  3. Bullion update on Gr. Kampala-Flieg 83 Alex. I bought this unit sleeve patch from a long-time collector who actually bought this many many years from Helmut Weitze - a big Navy enthusiast! GR Kamala Flieg 83 was a front line bomber squadron. My German is very bad but here are more details in German if u want to translate what Helmut wrote. Th F 221 squadron sleeve patch above another former Helmut piece from his personal collection that he sold to the same collector. The F stands for Fortress (Feststungsflieger). F 221 squadron is well documented in OTF literature. Most of the time if u can find any German squadron sleeve patches, they r soiled, moth eaten, and worn and faded. 20 years ago - if u could find one in this condition - it would have sold for well under 500e. Today’s retail for a storied squadron patch in mint condition easily has tripled. I wouldn’t be surprised if Helmut would put ask 1500e to 2000e bc of its quality and bc it’s so rare, and Bavarian unit patches and cloth bullion have become the darling of several major aviation cloth collectors who r all looking for the same thing. My point is there are a lot cool and really rare German aviation pieces that are still out there at affordable prices.
  4. The book will not be the standard show and tell - the major textbooks need updating to adjust for new info that this book will have. Hint: don’t buy a Tyoe 2 Front w a Type 1 Rayback Reverse Poellath Bavarian Observer. They r all fake! Just like all Junckers Zeppelins badges - but some of u knew about the Junckers. I give Panda credit for enthusiastically updating his work but something sorely is needed on investment collecting in high-end WW1 German aviation. It will give it to u straight on how to invest even if u don’t have a lot of money and more importantly how not to buy mistakes.
  5. Zeppelin Commander Frey Group Set Sorry not the best quality bc pixil size allowed here but this is what a real Zeppelin Commander Group Set looks like. The badge is an extremely rare silver-plated nickel Schott it has a nice weight to it A set like this has tripled in value in the last 5 years. There r only six zeppelin group sets that remain in private hands or that have not been broken up or acquired the museums.
  6. Hey Claudius. What do u know of the L19 sinking? I see u like WW1 German Tsiango. Do u collection uniforms? Man-cave displays w all original minty badges? How about an airman’s near mint silk-cloth naval officer’s summer tunic w officers hat belt epaulettes pants and all buttons and best part custom-made by Tsiango tailors w provenance? I’ll have to learn how to start a new thread and do private emails. My first time posting was today. I see u like group sets. How many zeppelin commander r out there - 6 not in museums? Super rarified air. Carsten has one maybe 2. He’s definitely has at least one PLM group set. I avoided 2 major mistakes because of his help. If u like group sets have u heard of Zep Commanders Frey, or Dietrich - who also headed the Ju bomber program in WW2? Do u collect plm group sets? Those I am told r at the top food chain. I appreciate ur interest and will figure out how to start a new thread here.
  7. Akex. Have u seen Carsten’s OTF article on the unit patches? Send me ur email and I will scan a copy over to you. He specifically addresses that unit patch in some detail. Also here is the reverse on the Meybauer zeppelins. Also an Army time period batallón banner for comparison w only known surviving Zeppelin banner. Hope u find this interesting and helpful. The funeral RIFF ribbon below was from Andreas Busch (L19) funeral service. The hand-colored lantern slide show the sinking of the L19 in Feb 1916. My book will feature dozens of original L19 objects including the rarest of all known Zeppelin paper in the world. Note the separation between crown and wreath. First thing i look for on the reverse. Each is a text book sample. The latest naval Meybauer sample is not yet in any of the existing text books. It was sleeping for decades in a German collection. Only 2 known original Meybauer Naval badges have sold in the last ten years. One was private sale; the other, private auction. Historically a zeppelin badge comes up for sale maybe once every five years. The number of original surviving zeppelins badge is quite small. Only 14 original Godet. Zeppelin badges r known of all sizes, including Commander’s Dietrich prizen cuff link below right of the navsl Meybauer in the 4th pix. Carsten has the largest zeppelin badge collection in the world. It’s 13 or 14 I think. His is stunning. Mine r arguably the finest known samples. commander Frey owned the bottom right a Schott silver nickel army zeppelin. See Carsten p 572 for a close example. Does anyone here collect naval commander group sets? That’s a whole other beast for a long thread if anyone is interested.
  8. Naval Godets r the most beautiful of all the Naval badges. There r only 4 known in the world. Carsten owns one. I am extremely fortunate to have three. These came from a string of high-end collectors that I can trace back to Germany 40 years ago. The text books need to be updated w new information and trends and other data regarding the Godet brand. The naval is silver w brass gilding is beyond beautiful. The prizen land is mint. The war-merit full-size is the best known war-worn naval land pilot badge extant. The asterisk mark is on other known Godet badge I have. The Godet rayback has a very well known style and again is consistent w the Naval Godets below. I will get u better pixs. Thanks Harry for posting page 85. I agree the hinge is not correct but I have a mint Meybauer observer prizen w a replaced pin if u want to see it. One must be diligent in understanding what is really being looked at given 99 percent of high-end aviation badges r forgeries. I appreciate any comments good bad or a questions. Godets r not only the rarest naval badges out there, they r stunningly beautiful.
  9. Alex. I am not being fair with u because u need more detail pictures and u have nothing to compare this against. Bullion collectors go nuts on stuff this like. I am attaching a post-war early Weimar (1919 - 1921) silk-screen banner made on sheepskin (joking) and clearly lacks all the bullion beauty that disappeared w war shortages and other needs and changes in technology. I am also enclosing bullion samples. Some were published last month in an OTF article by Carsten Baldes. He concurred this Zeppelin Banner was early war. First one he had ever seen. WW2 TR banners are going 20 to 30 grand I heard. I haven’t had these appraised but my TR DZR is another sweetie.... added for comparison w the Weimar zeppelin banner. Of course maybe we should just stay w stay w the tried and true.... and talk about Naval Zeppelins!!! My favorite badges next to Air Gunners.
  10. I sent to Panda but I dn have the right pixel to submit and include in his book. I just bought a Fuji XT30 and will upgrade my pictures as soon as I master the new camera. He said it is a variation on the same one u mentioned. He liked it a lot. This came from a private collection of the highest pedigree. If u like pedigree, I will be posting early naval canvass from James Baldwin’s personal collection. Meanwhile.... here is a tease if u love naval badges....
  11. Naval German Badges the Meybauer Commemorative is stamped somewhat weakly but identical logo under the loop w Panda’s copy. It has two rivets suggesting a high-end repair. The solder is time period. It is a high-grade repair - something a faker would never spend time repeating. The front is an exact match w textbook examples. See Pandis Central Powers Revised (2020) page 85 . Comments? Anybody up for a conversation on Naval Godets Badges?
  12. Alex. This will be my first post. If I go anywhere in this field, u and the others (Harry, John, Ferg, et al) will loom large in my efforts. I am putting together a book on my collection. It is strictly WW1 German Aviation 😍. Here’s one item I’m sure u among the few have ever seen. It it a hand-made 1914 Bullion sewn cloth and silk Zeppellin Battallion Standard. It is all original. It has all the details. This came ftom a 1960s German collection w 2 other original Zeppelin Banners. Will post additional pictures of the details. Looking for photographs or information on this particular unit or comments on this lovely piece. Danka all. Erik
  13. Alex. This will be my first post. If I go anywhere in this field, u and the others (Harry, John, Ferg, et al) will loom large in my efforts. I am putting together a book on my collection. It is strictly WW1 German Aviation 😍. Here’s one item I’m sure u among the few have ever seen. It it a hand-made 1914 Bullion sewn cloth and silk Zeppellin Battallion Standard. It is all original. It has all the details. This came ftom a 1960s German collection w 2 other original Zeppelin Banners. Will post additional pictures of the details. Looking for photographs or information on this particular unit or comments on this lovely piece. Danka all. Erik
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