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  1. Dear fellow collectors, would anyone be able to help me with this officer? I came across this picture on the internet, his rankboards indicate 2nd lieutenant, but his awards are pointing towards a hauptmann rank. Did he perhaps have a higher rank in civilian life, or has he been demoted? Kind regards, and thanks in advance, Laurentius
  2. Dear Dave Danner, If I remember correctly what Rick Research said one time, backed up with info from the late Eric Ludvigsen, that the RAO came before the KO, but this changed around 1900 when emperor Wilhelm II started awarding the KO before the RAO. Here is a chart of awardnumbers of the KO We can see a gradual increase from around 1885/1890 onward, when Wilhelm II became emperor. I believe the roles of the RAO and the KO switched here. When we see medalbars of junior officers who started after 1905 we often see the KO, but not a RAO. This is logical ofcourse, they didn't yet have a long career. Kind regards, Laurentius
  3. Dear Roman, very interesting, and thank you for your excellent explanation. I do have one question, these men of IR 55, where they all wounded in the same battle or on the same day, or was this a retrospective ceremony for those who had been wounded since the beginning of the war? I do hope the loves of Braunschweig won't mind my questions Kind regards, and thanks in advance, Laurentius
  4. Dear Solomon, lovely bar, as always. I do have one question, did the Military Merit Medal always have to be returned after receiving the war merit cross? Only yesterday I saw a lovely medalbar with both. Kind regards, Laurentius
  5. Dear fellow collectors, I recently received a German medalbar with an Austrian Gold Merit Cross (without crown). What kind of rank in the German army received this award. Were the rules loosely the same as the German ones (members of other nations received one class higher than their counterparts)? Kind regards, and thanks in advance, Laurentius
  6. Dear fellow collectors, here I have two pictures, one of the medalbar with the jubilee medal clearly visible, and one with the Prince of Waldeck-Pyrmont wearing it on a pre-ww1 medalbar. Kind regards, Laurentius
  7. Dear fellow collectors, I am looking for information on Otto Griepenkerl, all I know at the moment is that he had the rank of general, and his date of birth and death (1852 and 1930) Kind regards, and thanks in advance, Laurentius
  8. Dear fellow collectors, here is a picture of the medalbar of the last prince of Waldeck-pyrmont, Prince Friedrich Adolf. He was the brother of the Dutch Queen-regent Emma. He doubtlessly had more international familymembers, most likely thje reason he also received the jubilee medal. It is the last medal on the medalbar, sadly, I took the picture from the wrong angle 😅. I know that there are pictures on the internet of the bar, where you can see the medal better. In another case in the museum was another version of the jubilee medal, on a female bowribbon, which most likely belonged to his wife. Kind regards, laurentius
  9. Dear FAR32, first of all I'd like to say that the picture of the Order of the Iron Crown with wreath is not mine. It comes from a database on this website, set up by the late Rick Lundstrom, for future research into ribbonbars. It would be an understatement to say that Rick would be excited to see this thread. I believe we have struck a most interesting topic here (Nicholas must hate us for hijacking his thread). It doesn't surprise me that the device on the ribbonbar posted by me comes from a different medal. This was often done by tailors (as mentioned by you, with the wreath of the Wurttembergian MVO). This is a lovely ribbonbar, one of the few originals, however, I do not think this piece is representative for Orders of the Iron Crown given to Germans, since the recipient here was Austrian (although German at the time the ribbonbar was made). I have a few more examples I'd like you to take a look at. They are pictured below (the pictures themselves do not belong to me, I do not actively collect ribbonbars). If what you say is true ( only improvised wreaths) than what would you say of the first of the two Order of the Iron Crowns here? It matches your description perfectly. It is only laurel, and it is half open (not opened like my previous example). Kind regards, Laurentius
  10. Dear FAR32, here is a picture of the correct 'Auflage' for the Order of the Iron Crown 3rd class I believe this picture is from Rick Lundstrom. Sadly, most of these pictures can't be viewed anymore. I will also add this picture of a ribbonbar with swords. This is incorrect, since only the Austrians received swords. However, it is not uncommon to find Austro-Hungarian awards on German medal- and ribbonbars with added swords, crowns or a mixture of the two. To revisit the topic of Nicholas' ribbonbar. I believe the mystery-award with swords to be the Swedish Order of the Sword. This was an uncommon, but not rare award with German pre-war officers. Daniel, would you also have the numbers (ballpark) of the number of awarded MVK's to German officers? Kind regards, Laurentius
  11. Dear FAR32, I fear you have a few things mixed up. The Order of the Iron Crown 2nd class was worn on the neck, therefore it was not present on the ribbonbar. Secondly, there are hundreds of pictures, documents and ribbonbars that show the Order of the Iron Crown third class being worn with a laurel wreath on the ribbon bar. This afternoon I will post some pictures of German officers with the Order of the Iron Crown third class with a laurel wreath on their ribbonbar. Kind regards, Laurentius
  12. Dear Spolei, thanks for your reply. I fear I won' t be able to show you the back of the agraffe, since the order is sown down tightly. You say that the swords are early Hemmerle. Would I be correct in saying the entire cross is early (pre-1916)? Kind regards, and thanks in advance, Laurentius
  13. Dear Waldo, are you certain? I am not an expert when it comes to Military Merit Order, but I'm fairly certain the centers are not gold, and you can't see the back of the swords in the my pictures, of account of it being sown down on the ribbon. are you perhaps mistaking my cross with the piece from Graham? Kind regards, Laurentius
  14. Dear 1812 Overture, I only collect German medalbars connected to WW1. I usually stay away from medalbars with WW2 awards or other decorations like Freikorps for example. Kind regards, Laurentius
  15. Dear fellow collectors, I recieved this evening a lovely medalbar, consisting of an EK2, LS, HH, and an Austrian golden meritcross. It's in a great condition, and it has a lovely orangish/brownish backing. Am I mistaken when I say that this combination was likely for Naval personnel serving in the Mediterranean front? Kind regards, Laurentius
  16. Dear fellow collectors, I was finally able to add a nice BMVO4x to my collection. It has sadly been removed from the original medalbar, a naughty Bavarian bar I think, given the folding and the damage to the back of the left arm. I know it was made after 1916, but would any of the more knowledgable collectors be able to help me to determine the maker? Kind regards, and thanks in advance, Laurentius
  17. Dear Andreas, thank you very much for your help. So we know now that he held the rank of Oberst (colonel) and that he had a Order of the Iron Crown 2nd class. Surely, there must be more information? Kind regards and thanks in advance, Laurentius
  18. Dear fellow collectors, I am looking for information on Freiherr von Milkau, who served as Oberstleutnant (as least for some time) in the Saxon army and who was awarded an Order of the Iron Crown 2nd class. Would it be possible to find out something about his career and decorations? Kind regards and thanks in advance, Laurentius
  19. I have been thinking of this bar the entire day, it has captured my attention it seems. I have thought of two possibilities, both these medalbars were made by the same person/jeweler, untill here the two possibilities are identical. However, perhaps they belonged to two persons at court with roughly the same rank, who had the bar made by the same jeweler in town, or these medalbars belonged to the same person. There are far too many similarities to consider these two pieces 'just happen to look the same'. It is my opinion these bars were made by the same jeweler, or the same person. Kind regards, Laurentius
  20. Dear Ulsterman, I recently bought a painting of a Napoleonic veteran which was accompanied by the list of EK2 1813 awardees. A number of them would receive an EK2 once a veteran who held one would die, this was to releave the Ordenskanzlei of costs. Once I'm back at home I'll have a look for you. Kind regards, Laurentius
  21. It seems we are dealing with two identical medalbars, how interesting. Perhaps two from the same man, or two from people of the same rank at the court of Schaumburg-Lippe?
  22. Dear fellow collectors, I have a couple of questions regarding the Italian Order of the Crown. Was this award given to Germans fighting in Spain prior to WW2 (like the medal of valour on blue ribbon) and if so, did the rank of the recipient have any influence on the class of the Order that was given? I know there were several Germans who received an Order of the Crown between 1933 and 1939 but I wonder if this was for general merit or for actions in Spain. Kind regards, and thanks in advance, Laurentius
  23. Dear Alex, that picture is not from the Royal Trust, it is a German auctionhouse which has sold many 'post-1918 decorative pieces' some of which with garter. Looking at the quality and design of this badge I would not consider it to be an original. Kind regards, Laurentius
  24. Several of the Thuringian states rather than the Kingdom of Saxony. I don't know the exact reason why three different dukedomes in the middle of Germany would choose to award the same decorations, but I think it has something to do with economic power.
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