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    Greetings to all. . . I am seeking a Wilhelmskreuz mit Schwertern in Buntmetall (NOT zinc or Kriegsmetall) in very good original condition. I will gladly pay fair market price, or tell me what you seek and perhaps I have one in the collection to trade !! I am attaching herewith a photograph of what I am looking for. Thank you very much.


  2. Thank you again, Japan X, for this very useful information. Alles klar, as they say. I am the guy in charge of buying and selling our German Iron Cross and 'Steckkreuz' inventory but my business partners and I argued about the classification of our KAG crosses. I am going to re-label all of them to 'Maker Unknown' but apparently, Mr. Konstantin's theory about the KAG maker's mark has been circulating in practically all of the online forums. Thanks again for your help.
  3. Thank you for clearing that up, Japan X. Could you please answer one more question which I am sure is on everybody's mind? In his first edition on Page 156 Volume 1, does Mr. Konstantin's mention how he arrived at the conclusion that 'KAG' represented the company of Franz Kuhmayer? This would be very interesting to know since he changed his mind about this theory when he wrote his second edition. Thank you very much again, and this will be my last question.
  4. Hi Japan X Thank you very much for getting this information. It seems Mr. Konstantin identified KAG as the company Franz Kuhmayer on page 156 in his first volume, but changed his mind to the maker being UNIDENTIFIED on page 26 in his second volume. I would say this is an important update to this thread. Thank you very much again for your help, Japan X.
  5. Hi Japan X I don't have any copies of Mr. Konstatin's books but I wouldn't be able to read Russian anyway. If you are in possession of these books, could you PLEASE post a legible copy of Page 156 from Volume 1 for the benefit of Iron Cross enthusiasts in the forum. I would love to see Mr. Konstantin's evidence about Franz Kuhmayer making these crosses. Thanks very much for your help! Cheers
  6. Hello Readers, I think Mr. Bacon is on the mark. 👍 Let's face it... there are some active members here who seek gratuitous information from experts in the forum in order to peddle their chachkies at a considerable markup... PLUS, they tend never to utter a simple "Thanks!" In my opinion and ethically speaking, they ought to pay a commission to the members who assisted them in making a hefty profit. Don't feel bad, Simian! I think Nickstrenk was simply trying to establish a selling price for his badge and all you did was provide an accurate English translation and some
  7. @laurentius and @GdC26 Since both of you hail from Europe, I have a sneaking suspicion that you may have limited language skills in English. No reasonable English-speaking person would characterize my remarks as an "unwarranted personal attack" and even to marginally suggest such a thing is absurd. Had you fully read and fully comprehended my post, you would know that I was particularly struck by Member Beery's request for Mr. Krause to provide him with a morsel of insight into how he arrived at the answer to his question. Mr. Beery even purchased a book and tried to undertake resea
  8. Here's a close-up view of his bar. Those crossed-swords look a lot like the devices used on Ottoman awards, or are they used for other awards, too?
  9. Very interesting thread. I had never heard of these civilian volunteers who agreed to provide transportation services to the army during the war. I guess we now know where Freikorps Heydebreck got their sleeve-badges... Automobilkorps surplus!
  10. He is wearing an imperial crown badge on his sleeve. Does that mean he was a member of the Freikorps Heydebreck when this photo was taken, or was this crown also the sleeve-badge of the volunteer automobile corps before the end of WW1?
  11. Hello Christian, The Liquidierendes Kriegsministerium was an entity created from the remnants of the old Imperial War Ministry following the collapse of the Monarchy. It was never officially known as the "K.u.K" Liquidierendes Kriegsministerium. The Order of Precedence you posted is well known to Austrian phaleristicians and collectors, however, it has never been regarded as a "K.u.K" decree because at that point, there no longer existed an empire, a monarchy, an emperor, or the imperial armed forces. This Rangordnung was issued when the Liquidierendes Kriegsministerium was a c
  12. Hello, Based on the final Rangordnung der Auszeichnungen from the year 1917 as found in the Österreichisches Ordenshandbuch, 4. Band, 2. Auflage, the order of precedence is listed below. Note where the War Service Medal (Kriegsmedaille) is on the list... Number 43. It would come right after the Signum Laudis on the Mosaner grouping. Also, the War Commemorative Medal and the Tirol Medal would have been classified as lower-level "Erinnerungsmedaillen/Denkmünzen" so it would be most appropriate to put them in the vicinity of Number 68, 69 and 70. The Wound Medal is waaaay dow
  13. @laurentius & @Nicolas7507 Hello Laurentius and Nicolas, You guys are brilliant! You found photos of AUTHENTIC Iron Crown Orden ribbon-bar devices on the internet. That's very impressive because these devices are very obscure and very seldom encountered. I was inspired by something you wrote, Laurentius. You mentioned that Rick Researcher would have been excited to see a thread like this. So I performed some internet research instead of simply listening to a person at Dorotheum who obviously did not entirely know what he was talking about. Many years ago, I dis
  14. @Komtur Hello Komtur, Very nice and very clean Austrian grouping. The ribbon bar accurately bears the crossed swords of an Iron Crown Order 3rd class with War Decoration. Was the owner a medical doctor or did he simply have a doctorate in something else? I see you're from Prussia and I know how much you Prussian guys appreciate order and precision. If you desire to display the awards in the correct [I believe you say] "Rangordnung" then you should move a few awards around. For Germans, it was logical to group all war-related awards first, but not for Austrians. The first t
  15. @laurentius Hello Laurentius and Daniel, Before I comment on your observations, I must state categorically that I do NOT believe that the ribbon on Nicholas' bar is the Iron Crown. It was member Spolei who speculated that it might be the Iron Crown, and I can understand his reasoning behind it. The ribbon is placed BEFORE the Austrian war ribbon, so it is logical to think that maybe it is an Iron Crown Order ribbon. But the stripes all ALL WRONG. The blue is too dark and it does not extend to the edges. (There is still a little margin of yellow on the edges.) On top of that,
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