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  1. Hi Herman, I'd list his bar as follows: 1) Prussia, Iron Cross 2) Russia, Order of Saint George 3) Netherlands, Cross for 1830-31 4) Netherlands, Silver Cross 1813-1815 5) ??? 6) Netherlands,long service medal ??? 7) Prussia, Kriegsdenkmünze 1813 or similar 8 Prussia, Erinnerungs-Kriegsdenkmünze 1863 9) Russia, Medal for the capture of Paris 1814 Numbers 7 and 8 are a bit tricky, as the colors of the ribbons shift once and are maybe not 100% correct. I don't know if someone can put a rough date to the painting. With the EKDM 1863 being awarded quite late, maybe it is something totally different. Also, I'd suspect to have the russian Paris medal be painted silver, and both prussian medals painted in bronze. But that might be an issue of the painter A nice photograph of him is still on my own hit-list Kind regards, Leonard
  2. Hi ArHo, I've never thought about it, but now after quickly going through my collection: I can't find one from 1870! @Andreas, thank you for sharing your picture! Out of my head I just thought of Wilhelm I of Prussia with his 1813 Iron Cross Prinzengroeße. Kind regards, Leonard
  3. Hi Daniel, awesome, thank you very much! Appreciate it, as always. There is another photo of Mr. Alberti to which a comparison can be made, I'd say: Spot on! https://wiki-commons.genealogy.net/images/d/d7/Kommadeure223ID.jpg (2nd from the left) Kind regards, Leonard
  4. Hello Christophe, all, please find attached three photos of two different and unknown officers with their HHO3X. I hope they are of use for you. Is there any chance for an identification? Kind regards, Leonard Same couple, different setting Different, also unknown veteran of 1870 and 1914+
  5. Hi ArHo, glad that you enjoy the 1813er list aswell. I may have found your officer Storch in the Offiziersnomenklatur, but I am not 100% sure, as he is listed as Premierlieutnant earlier than 1823, where you found him in the Rangliste as Secondelieutnant. But if I can read it correctly (the scan quality is... not perfect), the guy I highlighted has the same name and served in the 3. Batallion of the 13. Landwehr Regiment. Kind regards, Leonard Edit: Attached the "Storch" entries from the Offiziersnomenklatur, as pdf Offiziersnomenklatur_Storch.pdf
  6. Hello ArHo, unfortunately I can only help you with a link to a hand written Rang- und Quartierliste from Prussia from 1813, which you can find following this path: https://archivdatenbank.gsta.spk-berlin.de/midosasearch-gsta/MidosaSEARCH/iv_ha_rep_1/index.htm?kid=GStA_iv_ha_rep_1_3_3 But be warned: To me, the handling of the list (or the visualization in general) is painful. There is a table of contents, maybe with that you can trim down the pages you need to look at and then select them on the top right from the drop down menu. There is no name index if I have looked correctly. In general, the document itself is a piece of art. Maybe your officer is also listed in the "Offiziersnomenklatur", which you can find on the left of the website. Unfortunately, the list is not complete, but I used it quite often some time ago. Dependent on your officers career, other lists might help your research, just as the 1817 (++) Ordenslist, or the post-war Staatshandbuecher, which you can find here: https://opacplus.bsb-muenchen.de/search?oclcno=610727836&db=100&View=default You need to klick on "Einzelbände", then you can read them online. I can recommend using this website to search for other documents. If you i.e. just search "Preußen Rangliste", you'll find much of them (not the ones you are looking for atm). Same works with Reuß, Hannover, Hessen, Sachsen... just get creative with the buzzwords. Kind regards, Leonard
  7. Hi ArHo, thank you for the kind words! Yes, I am lucky to call this photo my own. It is framed and behind glas, the backside still "sealed". Out of my head I also only know 2 more photos of KGL veterans, and only a few more of hanoverian veterans in general, most of them in more or less worse photo-quality. I'd love to see more medal-wearing photos of those seniors! Greetings from Koblenz! Kind regards, Leonard
  8. Dear gents, lovely to see this nice image in such a high quality. I must've seen it a thousand times checking the wikipedia for the MGSM. A CDV of this image was just recently auctioned off on Ebay, achieving a high price: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/293682334798 The CDV comes with a paper, telling us that the man is "Mr. Trimble". We might never be a hundred percent sure if it is really him, and why he is not also proudly wearing his waterloo medal (if the description is correct). But I'd save the name as long as I come across a better one 😉 I am also pretty sure it is the GMSM. The age of the image, the clasps and the straight bar mounting indicate that for me. For comparison, here is a photo of veteran Christian von Duering, also showing off his awards from left to right: the knight of the Guelphic Order, the GMSM, the british Waterloo medal and the hanoverian medal for volunteers of the KGL 1814. Unfortunately I can't give you a high detailed scan, as the photo is behind glass. Furthermore I've attached two excerpts of his listing in the Harts annual army list and a hanoverian Rangliste. Kind regards, Leonard
  9. Hello gentlemen, this photo is in my collection for a longer time now. Unfortunately, I was not able to identify the orders / awards which the portrayed gentleman is showing. Also I am not very good when it comes to read writings like this - does anyone have a clue what is written on the bottom of the photo? Besides a close-up of the awards, I have also attached a more detailed scan of the bicorn and the sabre. Maybe those help. To me the uniform looks more like one for an official rather than for a military officer? Thank you in advance! Kind regards, Leonard
  10. Hi, here is a detailed photo of his medals. Thanks for your answer. Best wishes, Leo
  11. Good evening gentlemens, could you help me with this picture? I just don't know what medal it is, at number 3 The first two medals are: -"Medaille Unita d' Italia (1848-1870)" -"Medaille zur Befreiung Roms 1870" Maybe you know what #3 is? Thank you, Leo
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