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    Photos of veterans of the napoleonic era, all involved parties
  1. Hello gentlemen, this photo is in my collection for a longer time now. Unfortunately, I was not able to identify the orders / awards which the portrayed gentleman is showing. Also I am not very good when it comes to read writings like this - does anyone have a clue what is written on the bottom of the photo? Besides a close-up of the awards, I have also attached a more detailed scan of the bicorn and the sabre. Maybe those help. To me the uniform looks more like one for an official rather than for a military officer? Thank you in advance! Kind regards, Leonard
  2. Hi, here is a detailed photo of his medals. Thanks for your answer. Best wishes, Leo
  3. Good evening gentlemens, could you help me with this picture? I just don't know what medal it is, at number 3 The first two medals are: -"Medaille Unita d' Italia (1848-1870)" -"Medaille zur Befreiung Roms 1870" Maybe you know what #3 is? Thank you, Leo
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