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  1. Damn, that's one sweet collection! Do you own all of these???
  2. Very nice SAMedals! I can't get enough of these homelands medals. But the correct ribbon for the Bop gallantry cross is a bright scarlett red (similar to the Legion d'Honneur). And I think the two medals in post number 7 are from Botswana, not from Bophuthatswana.
  3. Ed, That is simply nuts. I'd prefer a Rolls Royce or a nice condo for that money...
  4. Hi Gents, I haven't paid attention to the Soviet market for a few years now. I bought alot of pieces 4-6 years ago, and have recently compared prices with what they cost today. Needless to say I am shocked! I'm sure this topic gets lots of play here on the forum, but I was so shocked I had to post this. I see Red Banners going for $450-$500 on eBay and more at dealers, when I paid $45 for mine 5 years ago. Here's some other prices I paid: Friendship of Peoples: $200 Alexander Nevsky (deep dish variation): $600 October Revolution: $110 Labour Glory 2nd: $240 Lenin type 5.2: $640 The crab: $
  5. #1: Stunning piece! The one time when that damage might actually improve the value, if it was dropped by the "man" himself....
  6. I think it may be a different order. I don't see those scratches on the first photo and the screwplate is definitely different. But the angle of his picture and yours is different so maybe the different glare is doing that?
  7. Hi Stephen, I have some pics on my colector's showcase: Collector's Showcase Transkei medals are actually quite hard to find, and I have only one of them. I have quite some homelands stuff, but have not had the opportunity to post them.
  8. Lilo, Thanks for starting this thread. I've been wanting to buy this order for a long time but never got around to it. I have Oranje-Nassau and Militaire Willemsorde in various grades, but not the Nederlandse Leeuw yet. I hope we can get more tips here on dating and perhaps authenticity?
  9. Hi Walter, Quite a comprehensive collection! I particularly like your camera work...very good looking pictures!
  10. I read this article. Trees and machinery getting hero stars...what a country! I can only imagine all those brave horses in the Crimean war receiving their well-earned Victoria Crosses from the hand of the Queen... And in WW1 there was a VERY brave handgranade that should have received a bronze star... I guess they will never receive their due!
  11. Nee, ek het nie die poster gekoop nie. Looked cool though! I have a lot of new homelands medals to put up but no time to get them photographed. Some good stuff though... How's your collection?
  12. I heard from my cousin (her husband's relative had one awarded to him) that upon the death of the recipient, the family can now keep the piece by paying a token sum to the Chancellery...
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