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  1. My grandma at 15 fought for the Yugosla Partisans during WW2 in Serbia, she never told us about this period of her life, after the war she ran a female orphanage pictured in the black and white photo with her uniform. She was included in several WW2 parades thrown by the Serbian government. That's really the extent of my information on her, would love any help in identifying the medals and maybe were to look for more information!
  2. Quick question from a new researcher. I was able to confirm with the National Records in Germany my great-grandfather was in the 56 infantry regiment, 5th company reserves, part of the 121st infantry division. Is this a photo of his regiment? He fell on August 22, 1917 (presumably fighting in the Battle of Passchendaele) and is buried in Langemark Cemetary in Belgium and never met his only child. I've started compiling his story into a screenplay. Has anyone else seen photos of the 56th reserve infantry floating around? None of his letters survived so I'm hoping if I search enough pictures I may find his face in a photo one day. Also, by any chance, do you know where I could find more information about troop movements for his regiment? Thanks sincerely for any advice. Is this photo below also the 56th regiment and the same one that was in 5th company reserves, part of the 121st infantry division where my great-grandfather served?
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