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  1. The Bewährungsabzeichen is really good. Everybody during the 1st world war awarded pieces must be magnetic. The not magnetic pieces are of later date.
  2. Hello gentleman, I have found these documents. These are four files at the end of the side. Coburg Gotha awards
  3. I dont know the right hallmark. These are the same hallmark like on the ring. There hallmarks are on a silver red cross medal.
  4. My newest: broach for female servants and employees for 25 years, 2. typ, 1903-18, only 89 recipients
  5. My Bibliography: http://www.braunschweiger-feldkorps.de/tex...15_Waterloo.pdf http://www.braunschweiger-feldkorps.de/tex...Frankreich_.pdf Albert A. Nofi: "De Slag van Waterloo" ISBN 90-5868-025-8
  6. I have other data. There died 2 nco's and 9 soldiers. One offizier and 11 soldiers were wounded. These were with decampment in 1814 a total number of 380 men. With the battle these should have been 627 men.
  7. Hi speedytop, I have read the second post. The date of issue of the document is him 01.05.1918. The date of the award is him 27.11.1917 and then is also directed the class. The date of issue is for it without meaning. Regards Eike
  8. Only from him 20.3.1918 there were the war merit crosses 1st and 2nd class. The lending was on the 27.11.1917. At that time there was only the war merit cross which was called later then 2nd class.
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