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  1. Hello all, He is certainly wearing a French uniform and French insignia. He could be a second lieutenant, or adjudant or adjudant-chef, depending on the colour or his rank insignia. He seems to be wearing a "fourragère" in the colours of the Légion d'Honneur. Badges in post ID:8 are regimental badges and are never worn on the collar. Regards
  2. "Amazing" is the word! Thank you very much indeed.
  3. Hello all, Fascinating topic. Here is Carman's interpretation of (some) branch insignia. It would be very interesting to compare with Chris Weeks' book
  4. My pleasure. If you can post a close up of the badges he wears, maybe I shall be able to say what they are. Unfortunately, I am incompetent with medals ....
  5. Because of the red/white penons which can suggest a Polish flag, I suppose .....
  6. An Estonian lieutnant (A captain would wear four braids on cuff, an oddity ....) in M. 36 Uniform. His arm of service badges are worn on collars (I cannot discern what they look like). He is wearing an Estonian Military Pilot Qualification badges(over his medals). The two badges under his medals are probably unit and/or qualification badges but they are too small for me to tell which. If you can post a close up, maybe that will help.
  7. Contemporary military medals of Armenia, if this can help http://www.mil.am/reward
  8. Very interesting study on the 1944 badges and the book seems very promising too! Just one question: where is it available from? Now some illustrations and identifications from the Zeidler book I have mentionned: as you can see austere line drawings from the 80's. Three words of caution: 1) the period covered is 20's and 30's. 2) As is is a book in landscape format, I post the images so that they are not cut. I disclaim liability for stiff necks 3) I just post four pages (two pages of drawings, two pages of identifications)
  9. Yes, that would be interesting to have this title. Thanks in advance :)
  10. Prof Petko Pavlo's Bulgarian Military Decorations, is really excellent. In fact it is written in Bulgarian and in English ..... So do not hesitate if you find one!
  11. Very interesting pics, thank you for sharing. The whole range of Hungarian badges prior to and during WW II have been described and illustrated in a kind of "fanzine" pamphlet by someone called Sandor Zeidler under the title: Leistungs-Ehrenabzeichen der österreichisch-ungarischen Armee . As the title suggests, it covers also the WWI and pre-WWI badges of the Austria-Hungary Army. Sometimes, it appears on e-bay or in Abebooks sells. I may post some pages, just in case someone is interested.
  12. Dietrich E. Riemer, Bulgarian Badges Witnesses of History, BM-Trade , Sofia, 2007, p. 133 writes this could be a WW II Air Force Flight Instructor badge, but strongly suggests this could be a fake or a fantasy badge made up with parts of authentic badges. Prof Petko Pavlo does not mention it in the Air Force section of his Bulgarian Military Decorations, PHP Publihing House, Sofia, 2007. Sorry for the bad news ....
  13. You can download the 1939 Guatemala Uniform Regulation by following this link. A most interesting feature http://www.studytemp...ala-1939-a.html
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