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  1. It seems like it is glued down, but it's very dry, and I'm afraid to pull too hard. Adam
  2. Awe hell... I'll post mine. I was informed by Paul that this is for a Major in the Signal Corp, and after much confusion, I understand why! It was found in the pocket of my grandfather's overcoat... Adam
  3. Thanks for the link Paul! It's a great reference, I'll have to bookmark this. Adam
  4. Seems pretty tough to research... The C.S.A. stands for Confederate States of America, pretty generic on Southern items, and the 1st batallion, K company could be part of any Southern Division... It would be extremely difficult, if not impossible, to research. Do you know of any battles this company participated in? That could narrow it down some. Sorry I couldn't be more help, Adam
  5. The most I ever got was a US China-Burma-India advertised in "Men's Clothing" for $9.99. I don't even attempt at Third Reich stuff. Adam
  6. Here are my two Iron Crosses, I'm expecting 2 more (1914) any time now. I picked both of these up from Bill Garvy, and both of them are real gems. First up is a "55" marked (J.E. Hammer & S?hne, Geringswalde) EKII. Adam
  7. If he has 6 campaign stars, he's bound to have seen combat somewhere. You don't get 'em for nothing. I love these private purchase medal bars! If anyone else has some, please post! Adam
  8. Isn't there a site for press photos somewhere online? Something official and government like I thought... Adam
  9. But, in World War 2, green and gold was used by the WACs. I just wish I could find the photo that proved this... It was a photo that sold on ebay WAY above my price range for a single photo, don't know why it went so high for a press photo... http://www.gunboards.com/militaria/topic.a...erms=MP,armband There's the topic, but the photos have fallen into ebay obscurity... Adam
  10. Great displays Jon! That helmet looks like its been through a war! When I get a chance, I'll post my tribute to my grandfathers! Adam
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