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  1. Hi, Yes I remember the discussion, in the intervening years, I was hoping that someone, somewhere might have located an actual image, unfortunately the mystery remains, Alex This is the best I can muster, looking closely the star is facetted, which may indicate that it's the diamonds version, could be wrong though
  2. Hi Robin, that WAS big money back then, unfortunately way-way before the internet all we had to go on were very often poorly printed and photostatted paper catalogues (No pickies) to make decisions on, and of course the belief that the dealer was impeccably honest, at least nowadays internet access can make life less of a gamble. My first EK1 arrived sometime in the early 70's and I was over the moon, my first Iron Cross!, alas not quite, it turned out to be what became known as the "Polish fake", still got it. Alex
  3. I believe they made his version of the Victoria Cross. image credit GMIC
  4. Very interesting, thanks for posting Alex K These are two images I "Colourised" of King Boris quite a while back.
  5. You are quite right of course, it was Colditz, not Secret Army, although I watched them both, (In the final series of "Secret army" set in South America, wasn't there a subtle reference to someone with a limp and a cased ritterkreuz with Golden Oakleaves, or is my memory playing tricks again) The earlier versions are certainly preferable, I did have a very late Souval KC, which was extremely lightweight, once I discovered that it was a "Fake", I disassembled it, to my surprise it was a four piece construction, front and back frames as usual, and two thin sheet metal stamping, one obverse and one reverse,, explained the lack of weight, alas I have it no more Alex
  6. Hi Robin, Souvals will always raise different comments, positive and negative, I'm obviously of the opinion that originals are better, given financial consideration, failing that, Souvals are a nice alternative, those early Souvals are really quite nice, particularly the vet bring-back. Here's an old photo of my early-sh Souval RK BTW I remember watching him in I think "Secret Army", regards Alex
  7. Hi Pieter, thanks for your comments I obviously prefer original, but when they are unavailable.... (I may even win the Euro-lottery before you!!) regards Alex
  8. Hi all, I had the chance to purchase a Souval Grand Cross of the Iron Cross to add to my ek collection, so I did. Many collectors will poo-pooh Souval stuff as post-war junk, even though he was a legitimate war-time manufacturer (alas not the GK), given the fact that authentic GK's are as rare as hen's teeth and when the odd one surfaces, it's a mortgage job, many don't have that kind of spare cash lying around and if they did, may well decide to spend it on more useful things. As space fillers I think they fill a gap nicely, they are most probably the best alternative to the war-time piece, so am I deluded, are they trash or affordable treasure? Alex K
  9. Hi 922F, every little bit helps, thanks Alex
  10. Yes agreed nice work, nice natural colours, regards Alex
  11. Hi Kris, nice, a bit bigger than mine (err..I mean my grandsons) Out of interest pieter what are prices like at Spinks, one imagines a top-not establishment with equivalent prices, am I wrong
  12. Hi Kris, thanks for posting from what I see it has the same level of "Vaulting" as my copy regards Alex I do trains also (Model ones only) it's an excuse to buy big boys toys, and use my grandson as an excuse!! (Just spotted your British Egypt campaign medal in the background, got one of those in my "Brit" section together with the Khedive star dated 1882)
  13. Hi Pieter, my earlier comments were of course light-hearted but the sentiments true, it is an amazing example of that grade of the order and would love to have at least one in my collection. I have in the past been a bit of an add-hoc collector, bit here, bit there etc, with no structure. I decided a while back for the near future at least to concentrate on a couple of specific subjects, these are The Romanian Crown Order (As posted earlier) and the Hungarian Merit Order, hence my enthusiasm, other stuff can wait, unless I spot the obvious bargain, I hope I can pick one up as nice as yours. regards Alex
  14. Hi Pieter, I am suddenly seriously in love, I want one, no, 2, or 3 etc, that is so very nice, does it really matter where it's made!? regards Alex
  15. Hi Pieter thanks, useful information about the 1935 changes, so makers remain a mystery, would they likely be Hungarian made or like many others, sourced from Austria, France etc? Alex
  16. Hi Kris, thanks for the link, a real shame about the damage, it looks like a really nice piece, and for 25 euros, a bargain, I asked so as to compare with mine, I assume yours has no markings to identify any possible makers, mine doesn't, is it highly vaulted? (The ribbons, to the best of my knowledge are original!) regards Alex
  17. Hi Paul Alex Hi Kris, nice looking Hungarian Order of Merit breast badge, any chance of a close up front and reverse? regards Alex
  18. Hi Paul, I don't throw old ribbons away, there is a thread in the Preservation/conservation thread where I actually state that is exactly what I do, carefully store and label tatty ribbons for future reference or if I sell the item, the original ribbon goes with the medal also, so the buyer has the choice, attached a few medals with original ribbons if there when I obtained the piece and their condition. (One Sava came without any ribbon) regards Alex
  19. To me the ek2 looks very similar to my original one made by Wagner & sohn, not expert on the oaks, best let others chime in also, that being so, the backing and ribbons look a little to "New" IMHO, could be a put-together regards Alex
  20. Hi Paul, the ribbon in my opinion is original, it's sewn on the reverse in such a way which doesn't allow me to remove and straighten it if I wanted to, so it stays like that, adds character I suppose, I have an EK2 1870 ,(Been there look) with a tatty ribbon, I tried it with a newer ribbon and it didn't quite look right so it sits with it's original tatty one again, replace? sometimes yes, sometimes no (Apologies to Stuka f don't mean to hijack your thread)
  21. extremely nice, great postcard also, thanks for posting Alex
  22. Hi Pieter, I'm sure your stay and visit was an extremely enjoyable experience, does the palace have any personal artifacts such as uniforms, decorations etc of King Kalakaua on display, if so would be interesting to see. BTW I actually like the colourisation I did of him so with regards to my avatar, I given him a reprieve for the time being regards Just for future info, from the Mannerheim museum
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