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  1. Addenda. Current sellers have become quite adept at producing fake documents. When in doubt, refer to these pages below, if what you're considering purchasing isn't there, walk away. Ministerial awards of the Russian Federation List of awards of independent services of the Russian Federation
  2. Very nice! Congrats on a really really sweet set!
  3. I have a friend who's a retired Gendarme, we often exchange items, find ribbons for each other etc... He sent me this for Christmas! It is attributed, in original box and with award certificate! Please accept my apology for not showing the reverse or the certificate for now. The award was one for valour and wounds received and the citation is so specific that even if I hid the name, very little effort would be required to trace down the recipient. I want to make sure with my friend that it's actually OK to do so. But still... WOW!
  4. Winter has once again covered us in a blanket of white crap...  The cold won't let up for months...  Anybody wanting to adopt a used airman to sweep around the base of his palm trees can contact me via PM.

  5. I'm no expert... But if those 2 medallions are indeed original and over 200 years old... I'm Napoleon IV... You can see blue enamel over the lettering... Hmmm... Like I said, I'm no expert, but had I held this in my hand in a shop, I would've left with my money still in my account.
  6. I thoroughly read all three establishment orders and found no clause stating only one could be earned. I've seen photos of award ceremonies for all three medals and have yet to see anybody wearing more than the one. Now, having said that, the award criteria for the Medal "Participant in Military Operations in Syria" means it would logically be awarded to anybody in theatre, even the liberators of Palmyra, and later the EOD personnel. I guarantee you I'll keep a sharp eye out in the future to see if I can find a photo of a Russian serviceman wearing more than one.
  7. Just got them in and one is hanging from the wrong ribbon!! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! Don't they know how difficult it is from this side of the ocean to find replacement ribbon?
  8. Dang!... I feel worse than ever now...
  9. I've always used the word to define a mild depression or general malaise, ennui... Bored shitless...
  10. There ya go Megs... I've received quite a few more Russian items in the past months... I'll soon send you a batch with black backgrounds so you don't have to waste time on that.
  11. Nice, this is the first time I see modern personnel records.
  12. Quite surprised it took so long myself. But if you can find Provisional Instruction N° 1403/DEF/EMAT/CAB/ADM/REC from the French Army High Command of 14 April 2015, I think they just got tired of waiting and came straight out and allowed army personnel to wear it. The government only followed suit two months later. The darn thing had been tolerated for a century, I very much doubt the civilians would'Ve ever done anything about it without the army nudging them this way.
  13. A small problem until you're caught... I believe there's a 5 year minimum jail term.
  14. Here's a link to the official decree
  15. The medal for the war wounded (Médaille des blessés de guerre) that has existed albeit unofficially for a century has finally been decreed as official by the French government. Provisional instruction N° 1403 of 14 April 2015 from the Army High Command allowed the insignia for the war wounded, this has now been ratified by decree n° 2016-1130 of the President of the Republic of 17 August 2016. It is now an official decoration of the French Republic. The photo below shows the model described in the decree. .
  16. Sweet! Nice to see state awards in this forum! I'm kind of limited on that side, they can't be exported.
  17. WOW! The national war museum should be so lucky to have such a collection! Outstanding!
  18. Now THAT is what I call a researched award! OUTSTANDING! Thanks for sharing!
  19. https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paul_Maistre
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